3 for £15 sale @ Play.com (DVD, CD, Books, Gadgets, Clothing) !

3 for £15 sale @ Play.com (DVD, CD, Books, Gadgets, Clothing) !

Found 1st Aug 2007
3 for £15 sale @ Play.com (DVD, CD, Books, Gadgets, Clothing) !

Donno if this is a good sale or not but here we go..


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Thanks to leeparker for the reminder

Well the gadget section consists of 5 pages of art prints and posters :-(

Does anyone know if you can mix and match??

I've tried 1 dvd and 2 cd's and it coems up 18.97 or something. But when i put 3 cd's in it comes up 15.00, but i don't want 3 cd's!

Anyone know if mix and match can be done?


great deal

Don't know if this helps anyone, but i ordered 7 dvd's and the price was a fiver each...bit of a glitch on their part??

gadgets = art prints? I don't get that one. The DVDs are not that cheap either. Gotta vote this one cold, even though I have no problem with Play generally.

yeah, i ordered 4 items came up at a fiver each. 2 x robbie williams official track jackets {rrp 59.99} play.com price 19.99 and 2 tops. 9.99 each. well pleased.

great find Edi

I ordered 3 items, then changed my mind about 2 and cancelled them - decided to keep the third even though it meant paying full price.

The order was delivered today and I have only been charged £5 for the item, even though I cancelled the other 2

Does any1 know when this offer will end.

I wanna get some stuff but i have to wait till pay day
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