3 for 2 at Additions Direct plus £30 off orders above £60!!!
3 for 2 at Additions Direct plus £30 off orders above £60!!!

3 for 2 at Additions Direct plus £30 off orders above £60!!!

I just ordered £160 worth of clothes (3 items) and only paid £81... I dont think both deals are supposed to work in conjunction but they do!!

I think the 3 for 2 on clothes and shoes ends Tuesday 9th at midnight, but they also have 3 for 2 on Toys and Gifts, which does not show an expiry date...


Seems like a good deal, but the stuff in the 3 for 2 toys seems ridiculously expensive

Both my wife and I have been sent the 30 quid off code (mind you, its the same code?). Just realised if she orders a Wii fit and I order the Wii we get 60 quid off the lot !! That's also most a free Wii fit !!!

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Not sure why people are voting this cold... please give reasons!!

I've voted it hot.... I think the reason maybe the problems people have had with code which haven't been sent directly to the person using them being charged back later. . .

I ordered something for £60 using the £30 off £60 code, it applied the discount and charged my card the discounted amount at the time but when I looked this morning they had removed any mention of the discount and my card has been charged the full amount so it does appear this code is only valid if you have been sent it personally

OK, I've changed my mind...

What a con !! When I received the 30 quid off code on Tuesday they had the Wii at 179 and the Wii fit at 69. when I looked last night you now can't get the wii on its own and the bundle with the fit was 269 ???? 179+69=269 ??? and now it's not even there !!
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