3 for 2 at Sainsbury's on Slim Fast Milkshakes/Snack Bars/Meal Bars/Cheese Snacks @ Sainsburys

3 for 2 at Sainsbury's on Slim Fast Milkshakes/Snack Bars/Meal Bars/Cheese Snacks @ Sainsburys

Found 7th Aug 2012
3 for 2 on all Slim Fast products at Sainsbury's
This offer is available in store and online and ends on 21st August 2012.

This includes the milkshake tubs ,450g (12 meals) which are priced at £4.95 to £6.00 each.
Flavours include strawberry, caramel, chocolate & banana.

The snacks included are:
Slim-fast Chocolate Caramel Snack Bar 26g at 47p each.
Slimfast Cheese Bites 22g at 49p each.

Meal bars included are:
Slimfast Meal Bars, Chocolate Crunch 4x60g
Slimfast Meal Bars, Chocolate Peanut 4x56g
Slimfast Meal Bars, Summer Berry 4x60g
All priced at £4.98 a box.

Ready to drink milkshakes included are:
Slimfast Ready To Drink Banana 325ml.
Slimfast Ready To Drink Cafe Classic 325ml
Slimfast Ready To Drink Chocolate 325ml
Slimfast Ready To Drink Strawberry 325ml
Slimfast Ready To Drink Vanilla 325ml
Slimfast Smoothie Rasberry 325ml
All bottles priced at £1.55 each.

If you go to sainsburys.co.uk and type in Slim Fast it will find all of the products. I have posted the link to the site but I know this sometimes times out after a while.


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A lot of these products are also on offer at Waitrose, with per item reductions rather than multibuys. Works out pennies cheaper at Waitrose, funnily enough. Another option, it's pretty much the same deal overall.
That's a good deal if you have a Waitrose near you but here we don't
Thanks for posting though it will certainly help those who have a store near them x
Not quite sure why the girl in the picture thinks she needs to be using slim-fast tbh...
I'm guessing by having a tape measure around her waist its trying to get the message across about how many inches have been lost while being on slimfast...

Anyway, nice deal. Thanks
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