3 for 2 Blu rays and extra £3 off using code
3 for 2 Blu rays and extra £3 off using code

3 for 2 Blu rays and extra £3 off using code

Just received an email about Sendit's 3 for 2 Blu Ray offer.
They also sent me a code for getting £3 off when you spend more than £30.
Most of the Blu rays are on for £17.89, so if you take advantage of the 3 for 2, using this code will get you a further £3 discount.


Most those £17.89 Blu-Ray films are about £9 on other sites, so 3 Blu-Ray's would cost £27.
At Sendit it would be £17.89 x 2 - £3 = £32.78 for 3 Blu-Rays, so not a good deal.

shocking prices, £17 for ghostrider is under a tenner at a lot of places, the 2 for £18 is still best deal at bladdvd.
is that cold, its positively sub zero

A lot probably *are* cheaper on other sites, but this offer includes many Blu-Rays that aren't included in similar offers on other sites.

A Nightmare Before Christmas for example, and Persepolis. Some great combinations in there!

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There are so many 3 for 2 offers on at the moment and most have similar titles.
Also most of the companies have raised there prices in recent weeks of titles that are included in these offers.
I know if you look around you can probably get some titles cheaper individually but i posted this 'deal' for those people who want to take up sendit's deal and could then have a further £3 discount.

u check them prices out on usual places and evevyone can be bought quite a few quid cheaper, a lot are like £7 more expensive, if u smart i can get 3 at a decent price as there are a few that r only a few quid more. its there to decieve, i bet u any money that after offer goes, prices on all will come down, like rambo, blackhawk down,casion royale,ghostrider xxx etc etc list is endless, are at least £7 or more cheaper else where, and you think this a gd deal:roll::roll: blahdvd 2 for £18 is miles better deal and they havent yanked up prices.
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