3 For 2 Deals @ Littlewoods
3 For 2 Deals @ Littlewoods

3 For 2 Deals @ Littlewoods

Many great offers at Littlewoods and it's sister companies - Very, Empire Stores

Many items are on 3 for 2 - womens, mens and kids clothing

Up to half price off on toys


may already have been posted?#

It may be freezing cold cos littlewoods is hated by so many for chargebacks done to people who've used vouchers, and then - months later - they've had the money taken, without notification.

Not justification to vote cold, as each deal stands on its own merits. If the goods are reasonably priced, 3 for 2 is a great deal.

Going against the grain, heat added- as much as I hate them for their backdated charges.


Littlewoods has really made a right mess of it's reputation by chucking out vouchers codes and then p!ssing and moaning when people who were not entitled to them started to use them.

Now they are making comebacks under different names like 'Very'.

They have got a long way to go if they want our trust back.

Prices are gone up compared to before, so works out the same before price hikes.

Cold as Ice.

Vastly overpriced to start with and i can never get any vouchers to work
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