3 for 2 on ALL Baking supplies, spreads etc... @ Tesco
3 for 2 on ALL Baking supplies, spreads etc... @ Tesco

3 for 2 on ALL Baking supplies, spreads etc... @ Tesco

3 for 2 Cheapest Product FREE

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Tesco Pine Nuts 300G
Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Extract 118Ml
Tesco Pistachio Nuts 300G
Ndali Finest Vanilla Pods 30G
Crazy Jack Organic Blueberries 100G
Supercook Select Vanilla Extract 75Ml
The Food Doctor Spicy 5 Seed Mix 300G
Robertsons Mincemeat 1.362Kg Tub
Sunsweet Stoned Prunes 500G
Fruit Bowl Fruit Flakes Strawberry 8X20g
Cadbury Buttons Tray Bake 437G
Wild Nuts Bonito 140G
Super Cook Barbie Fun Sprinkles 83G
Tesco Sultanas 1Kg
Jane Asher Smarties Party Cake Mix 375G
Tesco Ready To Eat Prunes 500G
Dr. Oetker Christmas Star Cookie Kit 189G
Forest Feast Breakfast Boost Exotic 175G
Betty Crocker Wild Blueberry Muffin Mix 375G
Tesco Strong White Bread Flour 1.5Kg
Robertsons Traditional Mincemeat 411G
Fiddes Payne Happy Birthday Candles
Allinson Seed And Grain Flour 1Kg
Supercook Liquid Glucose Syrup 140G
Homepride Self Raising Flour 1Kg
Crazy Jack Organic Dessicated Coconut 200G
Fiddes Payne Marshmallows White 200G
Lyles Squeezy Golden Syrup 340G
Tesco Pancake Mix Bottle 200G
Tesco Pizza Twists Kit 203G
Nakd Apple Pie Raw Wholefood Bar 68G
Atora Shredded Vegetable Light Suet 200G
Hovis Fast Action Bread Yeast 42G

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Just bought six packets of Tescos Fast Action Bread Yeast on this 3 for 2 offer. I use my bread maker a lot and at 5.5p a sashet, this is about the cheapest source of yeast I've ever found.
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