3 for 2 on all LEGO Dimensions Fun, Level & Team packs @ Smyths Toys

3 for 2 on all LEGO Dimensions Fun, Level & Team packs @ Smyths Toys

Found 1st Dec 2016
3 for 2 on all Fun, Team and Level packs, including wave 6, excludes pre-orders.

Also starter packs reduced in price and come with a free fun pack.

Great offer in the run up to Christmas!
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Thanks OP. Was able to pick up the wee man Sonic, Gremlins and the arcade pack for £50
3 for 2 offers are great, but watch out for the higher-to-start-with prices. I'm looking for specific fun packs so I did a comparison.
Just one example: Aquaman+Cragger+WickedWitch:
This deal = £27.98
Amazon (Prime prices) = £26.95
Ok, it's roughly the same...but hopefully the point is obvious; you are not really getting one item for free, in this specific example.
Shop around.
Good way to get the new stuff ET, Fantastic Beasts, Sonic and Gremlins.

Cheapest they've been.
Amazon have reduced some Lego packs, worth checking out if you want to buy specific ones. Example...Lego harley/joker team pack is currently £16.49 as opposed to £24.99 at smyths.
do I need to buy the 'level' pack to get extra game content or do you get extra content with the 'team' and 'fun' packs as well?

edit: found the answer to this so next question how long are the extra game 'levels' ?
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Actually, the more I look at the prices...the more I see how this is not a deal for most people. Amazon are selling the a-team pack for £7.19....smyths have it at £14.99 in the 3 for 2. That's not to say there aren't savings to be had at smyths but buy with caution!!!
same in sainsburys i'm just too lazy to post the deal up
Poor. They've pushed all the prices up.
Price upped, not really a deal, nothing against OP, just stating , watch it still get heat
Not a great deal - cheaper elsewhere for individual items.
Hot for certain combos like Sonic & Doctor Who Level Packs + Gremlins Team Pack for £50, (£16 for each, never seen DW that low, let alone two new packs) otherwise, the increased prices definitely makes it lose most of its worth.
As most people mentioned, rubbish deal unless you're looking for the new packs.
Start prices seem high, I bought a level pack and fun pack from Tesco online yesterday for a total of £21
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