3 for 2 on Blu-Ray at Zavvi - Huge selection
3 for 2 on Blu-Ray at Zavvi - Huge selection

3 for 2 on Blu-Ray at Zavvi - Huge selection

Yet another 3 for 2 deal on Blu-Ray, this time at Zavvi.com. The selection here is much better than the offers on other sites though and there are a few new(ish) titles on offer too. There are currently 287 Blu-Rays in the deal.


Some decent titles but shame they're nearly all £18 each though.


Personally found Amazon better, same selection but loads priced at £15.98


Blu-Ray is still too expensive. It's never going to become as big as dvd at these prices.

Blu-ray is brilliant for renting films, but not worth buying too many at current prices.
Secondhand deals are the best way to buy.
Got Underworld for £7.50 at local cash converters.

Opaque, DVD's used to cost this much when they were first released and indeed new releases are *still* not that far off this price. If you don't believe me, take a look at the release prices for The Dark Knight, all of £5 different in the RRP and only £3 different from on-line prices.

Looking at a film just released on BD and comparing it to a DVD thats been out for years and is currently heavily discounted as shops want to move to the premium brand is absurd.

I just rent my Blu-Rays from Lovefilm. Same price as 1 dvd for a months worth of disks.

what if i said you could get better titles like:

1 In The Valley Of Elah [Blu... £17.98

1 All The Boys Love Mandy La... £16.97

1 Diary Of The Dead [Blu-ray... £17.98

and the cheapest is free... seems better to me than this old stuff! i just watch once and sell! try finding these cheaper together elswhere, there's also,

1 28 Weeks Later [Blu-ray] [... £15.98

1 War [Blu-ray] [2007] £16.98

1 Day Of The Dead [Blu-ray] ... £16.97

again, cheapest free and there's more titles to be had on AMAZON... BARGAIN IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THEM ALL!

yes like that guy said up there, well done, sense prevails!
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