3 for 2 on Blu Ray Discs at Zavvi

3 for 2 on Blu Ray Discs at Zavvi

Found 11th Mar 2008
3 for 2 on Blu-Ray Discs at Zavvi.
Lowest price one free.


Voting cold, because at first glance I can see a lot of their prices are way over what HMV are charging in their own 3 for 2 offer. e.g. Ratatouille - £17.99 at HMV, £24.95 at Zavvi.

is this just online? or possibly instore too?

These offers are usually instore, but the prices of the discs are likely to be even higher.

yup it is instore too, was in there earlier today. almost choked when i saw that quite a lot of them were marked up at £30 each!!!

:giggle: That's the trouble with these 3 for 2 offers instore, they hike the prices as high as possible so you only end up paying what you would have done for 3 anyway! I'm yet to find ANY high street retailer that offers decent prices on Blu-ray, I've only ever bought them online.

indeed. no wonder they're struggling to get HD accepted by the masses when in the same store for £30 you can buy 1 Blu-Ray or 5 DVDs. i know which choice most people are gonna jump for...

thank goodness for online shopping is all i can say!

don't buy anything off zavvi online...nothing but greif. HMV deal is better!
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