3 for 2 on over 500 toys @ very.co.uk (littlewoods)
3 for 2 on over 500 toys @ very.co.uk (littlewoods)

3 for 2 on over 500 toys @ very.co.uk (littlewoods)

good deal if you are after some larger items, they have some toys already reduced, also in the 3 for 2


Although I find 'Very' overpriced, I was able to get coco nutty monkey (£5 more expensive than tesco which never have it in stock, but same price give or take a pound as most places) which my little one has been after for ages, along with the disney princess set of 5 dolls (which seems very reasonable for £15) and added hungry hippos (£3 more expensive than amazon). Incl delivery at 3.95 and with £10 off voucher ZQ759 came to £24. Not as good value as some of the toy deals that have been knocking about but good for me as I was after coco-nutty monkey. Voted hot.

Voted Hot. Don't know why the cold votes. I got £15 off first order. got 3 for 2 19inch tv/dvd combos on a buy now pay layer.
Were £270 each down to £202 each
3 for 2 with extra discounts came to less than £397 for all 3 so less than £133 each saving from oringina almost £140 per tv/dvd combo.
Nothing to pay before xmas then 10 month to pay off interest free.
Just need some master selling techniques to shift two of them for £160 each then my daughters will cost only £77.
It's so hot I'm melting.


Voted Hot..........It's so hot I'm melting.

I cant believe your not butter :thumbsup:
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