3 for 2 on PC titles @ GAME
3 for 2 on PC titles @ GAME

3 for 2 on PC titles @ GAME

A lot of good games for about a fiver so that makes it 3 for 10 pound, can't go wrong with some of these titles! Some may be cheaper for download elsewhere but this is good for those who still like to have the physical copies.

List includes:

Dragon Age Origins; Ultimate Edition, £4.99
Battlefield 2: Complete Collection, £4.99
Sim City 4 Deluxe Edition, £4.99
Crysis Maximum Edition, £4.99
Dishonoured DLC Double Pack, £4.99
Alan Wake: American Nightmare, £4.99
Zombie Apocalypse Pack (Includes, Killing Floor, Trapped Dead, Dead Horde), £4.99
Jagged Alliance: Gold Edition, £4.99
Monaco: Collectors Edition, £4.99

And many more!


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3 Games for a tenner hot from me


Dragon Age Origins is OOS. Most of the rest have been cheaper for download and hardly anybody cares about physical anymore as these are basically a download code in a box. With that said you can probably find 3 for £10 that are worth it if you look through.
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All of the options are terrible. I know they claim it's a 'deal', but that's not true.

"Still like to have the physical copies". Megalolz
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