3 for 2 on selected christmas gifts @ Thorntons

3 for 2 on selected christmas gifts @ Thorntons

Found 24th Nov 2008Made hot 24th Nov 2008
The following products will be included n this offer-

135g xmas mixed nuts
135g caramalised nuts
240g cherries in liquer
400g turkish delight box
235 orange and grand marnier
love fudge hamper
love milk hamper
love thorntons hamper
love nuts hamper
love chocolate hamper
350g lovely box
200g christmas choccies
milk chocolate liqueurs
marzipan fruits
135g xmas hazelnuts
goodie parcel
santa tree decorations
selection pack
selection pack gift wrapped
220 xmas tree plaque
200g santa model
200g snowman model
200g reindeer model
large goodie box
400g santa model
giant santa model
650g moments bowl
650g christmas original toffee
650g christmas asst toffee
550g christmas chocolate smothered toffee


i was in mine today, and i had a look at the 3 for 2, and the lady said it was just the couple of shelfs with the tag, but there was hardly anything there, wish mine had as much variety, good deal, they also had lollys, white and milk chocolate, 69p each or 5 for £3 or 10 for £5, voted hot

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this offer started in store on saturday

Thanks, 8% Quidco too!

Not a chocolate I would thank to be given let alone buy, no there are far better out there cheaper tastier and Cadburys is one. Thorntons are not a 'small chocolotiere but a multi national business -high profits and cheap products wrapped up to sell!! no thank you.

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This has not expired !!! :x
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