3 for 2 on Xmas stuff at Marks and Spencer
3 for 2 on Xmas stuff at Marks and Spencer

3 for 2 on Xmas stuff at Marks and Spencer

Just been on M & S website, and they have 3 for 2 on most of their xmas stuff, cards and gifts.

Hope this helps anyone being really organised this year, and wants to start their shopping early!!


Good offer this, but be aware the 3 for 2 calculation on the site is seriously messed up.

I ordered a number of items and for some it didn't add the 3 for 2 at all, so i had to phone up and talk them through my calculation of what the discount should have been.

They were fine about it and did a manual reduction, but don't believe what the site tells you the total is, as it will almost certainly be wrong, as it has been for a couple of orders for me.

Apparently they're getting a lot of calls about the 3 for 2 not working correctly.

A good example is the Girls' 'Pretty Perfect' Frame Stock Code 05653539.

If you add 3 of those it doesn't take the 3rd item off at all, if you'd added that in with a number of other things it's difficult to spot, so be wary!

Hope that helps someone :thumbsup:

Thanks Minky5000

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