3 for £5 on selected Asda George Make up Products

3 for £5 on selected Asda George Make up Products

Found 11th Feb 2014
Foundations and primers are £3 each but any 3 for £5. Happy Shopping.


Ive never used this, any good?


Ive never used this, any good?

The Primer is OK, never tried anything else.

hot deal but be warned their mascara is a nightmare

I have the primer and the pore refiner, both good... foundation is ok. mascara ended up all flaky.

Waste of money! I would rather invest in other low cost brands, such as Maybeline or Loreal make up - at least these would be worth the money. Just my personal opinion + great experience in the world of beauty :-)

I've got the foundation and use it every day, and actually really like it. I bought it one night when I had gone out in a different city and forgot my makeup bag. It's really light, so if you like a lot of really thick coverage then this maybe isn't for you, but for every day wear I can highly recommend... and for £5 for 3 products, it's not the end of the world if you don't like it.

Thanks for tips on primer, gonna grab some!

It's worth a try at this price! as an every day foundation thankyou
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