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Posted 16 December 2022

3 for 99p Veg Offer 39p each @ Morrisons

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Currently online and instore 39p each or 3 for 99p. (May be lower next week due to veg price wars)
Not sure if Aldi Lidl Sainsburys offerings at 19p etc have the Swede included so a good alternative if that’s your preference. Plus Morrisons Veg comes straight from their farmers and tends to be better quality. 

All included are : 

Carrots - usually - 45p each 
Sprouts - usually - 99p each 
Swede  - usually - 79p each 
Parsnips - usually 69p each
Morrisons More details at Morrisons

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    Just thought I'd say for a third time Lidl is going veg 19p just if anyone missed it
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    19p in lidl
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    Lidl is doing veg for 19p
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    Aldi all 19p each
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    This is a deal??
    Given that sprouts alone were over £1 last week, yes.
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    19p in lidl today.All vegetables were 19p
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    You'd get 5 items for a quid elsewhere and still have change for a freddo... Don't you?
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    Morrisons have become the meanest supermarket since being bought out by new owners. When Sainsbury's are cheaper you know they're no good!
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    Are Tesco’s doing anything?
    Wearing silly hats and looking stressed the last time I was in there.
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    By the way has anyone heard ...
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    Depends what's local to you so this is still a good deal for some people
    So it's a good deal for local people from a local shop
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    The deal we have been waiting for!
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    I can't understand how this deal got any heat? (edited)
    True of so many 'deals' on HUKD. But then, votes which are really important to the whole country go the wrong way too!
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    19p at Sainsburys, LIDL and ALDI
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