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Build your own RPG Bundle - BundleFest Edition: 3 for £4.99 / 5 for £6.99 / 8 for £9.99 (PC/Steam/Steam Deck)

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Three Tiers to Chose from:

3 games for £4.99
5 games for £6.99
8 games for £9.99

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About this Bundle

Sharpen those swords and wax that gnarled staff, it’s time to level up with the Build your own RPG Bundle - BundleFest Edition!

Get the full pixel hack & slash roguelite RPG experience with Moonlighter Complete Edition, roll out the charismatic creature collectibles in Coromon, and find your feet with side-scrolling action RPG beat'em up Lost Castle (失落城堡). That’s a whole bunch of role-play gaming glory.

Games to pick from:

  • Moonlighter: Complete Edition
  • Magenta Horizon
  • Nigate Tale
  • Lost Castle
  • What The Duck
  • Giants Uprising
  • The Magister
  • Guild of Darksteel
  • Peachleaf Pirates
  • Coromon
  • Jack Move
  • Warman
  • No Place Like Home
  • Defend the Rook
  • This Way Madness Lies
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  1. MK5HashTag66's avatar
    Somewhat; most of the map is set in instanced dungeons, you melt mobs, collect the loot, assign value to the loot, sell the loot to customers in your shop on the surface, and then use that income to upgrade your equipment, shop and the vendors in the town. Visually, the appearance of the chracter sprites and game environment has it's own style, although it does look similar to the Legend of Zelda on the SNES.
    Gameplay wise you have a variety of weapons, armor, and healing items. Actions include charging up attacks, as well as blocking, and rolling to dodge attacks or to spring across a gap. The base weapon is a sweeping brush but you quickly upgrade that to a short sword and shield. As you work through the story you will explore each instanced dungeon, fighting lesser mobs and a boss mob on each floor.
    Essentially you fill your inventory up, teleport out, sell the loot during the day when your shop is open and then return during the night to raid the dungeons again, rinse and repeat; like the name, Moonlighter. (edited)
  2. IA-'s avatar
    Heat from me! Coromon is 59p from CDKeys in another deal so it's cheaper to buy separately
  3. Greg_D's avatar
    Anything decent here? I'm not too familiar with RPGs these days
    Matty1302's avatar
    Never heard of any of them but do know that indie games can be a good source of creativity. 

    I love the Corpse Party series and that began life as a game produced by just four people in Japan. Twenty plus years later it’s a franchise, though a niche one. 
  4. MK5HashTag66's avatar
    Worth if for Moonlighter CE alone imo although you can get a global key for it plus the Between Dimensions expansion for about ~ £3.50 + 45p service fee ~ -7% TCB on Eneba (edited)
    Greg_D's avatar
    Is it like Zelda?
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