3 Free 'Evolve' Recycling Bins

3 Free 'Evolve' Recycling Bins

Found 11th Aug 2006
Free Recyling Bin's for your home
Just ordered mine.
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Added a pic to the post for you. :thumbsup:

Try sayingthat 3 times fast.
Thanks Rajpop!
thanks for this , they do plastic ones in our area, council collect n empty them but someone nicked mine:roll: some people will pinch anything mind you i think it might of been my neighbour cos they've suddenly got 2 !:evil:
Thanks just ordered mine, now i'm going to print this page and recycle it.
Nice will save some trees here.
so err....what do we do when we want to recycle the boxes !?:(
Just got mine today. Yes that's four months after i ordered them. I had no idea what they were, even after i opened them, it's been so long! I had to search for 'recycling' on HUKD just to figure out what it was, cos anything i get delivered these days has its origins on here. Anyway, better late than never.
I got mine today, didn't know what it was, looked like a giant xmas card delivered by DHL.

Got 3 flatpack boxes, quite sturdy.
Same, got this today, when I got back.

After a look at the picture, now I get it.
got mine too. make great magazine holders in my sons bedroom....was like the krypton factor though trying to assemble them....lol
whats the kyrpton factor? something to do with superman?

lol. I know what it is really
LOL I got this on Monday... had no idea whatsoever what the massive flat package was! Still didn't have a clue after opening it, and we totally failed in our three-person attempt to assemble them. Now I have masses of cardboard taking up half my room, somewhat ironically.
If you look at the picture, it kind of tells you how to assemble the boxes.
[COLOR=#ff0000]Our EVOLVE recycling bins are now out of stock[/COLOR]
Back in stock!
Got mine too! Just in time really as our 3 recycling boxes are now not enough!!

Would have been ok if it wasn't for these pesky kids!!
got mine a couple of days ago... was confused when i first saw the package..lol
I recieved a dhl note saying I had missed a parcel, thinking it was one I was waiting for from Amazon I waited in all the next day for the parcel to be redelivered, imagine my delight when these boxes turned up at 5pm

Wow Nice to see people got these after four months and Thanks for the orignal post rajpop :santa:
the wife will be pleased with these :giggle:
woohoo! ordered mine!

i'm sure we'll have some wine empties over the festive season! lol :santa:
Hi i am new

can u pls check link as it is openig 404 not found

Hi i am new can u pls check link as it is openig 404 not found

Welcome coolboy, you've found a VERY old deal that is likely not around anymore. You've not missed out on much tho as I ended up recycling these recycling bins!
Got mine today it gave my house a laugh wondering what the huge package was! :-D
Great find
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