3 free nespresso compatible pods @ Taylors coffee

3 free nespresso compatible pods @ Taylors coffee

Found 7th Jul 2015
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Thanks - I've already bought some of theirs and they're quite good.
Just signed up. As above already tried one of the roasts and it was very good. Hot!
Thanks, look forward to giving them a try
Thank you
These don't seem to work as well as other pods in my machine. Always get a couple of seconds of water before the coffee comes through for some reason.
Cheers. I'll give them a try.
Bought a 10 pack from sainsburys for £3ish. Coffee tasted great but capsules didn't always work first time
For those who cant get through on original link, i just got through on Your text here

Its almost the same link but 07 rather than 06 after the 2015/

I use these and they are great alternatives to nespresso brand as they are mucho $$

As a tip for those struggling to get them to produce a decent stream of coffee, i simply get the tip of sharp knife and pop a few small nicks in the bottom (not the foil) as the machine struggles to make its own cuts in these particular pods but once you give the machine a hand, the coffee flows well.

If you look at the base of the pods, there is a slight difference in the thickness of the plastic in a small ring which is roughly around the middle of the base of the pod if that makes sense as the plastic in this area is supposed to be slightly thinner to aid the machine making the cuts
Hi All,

I bought these from my local Waitrose and at first I was super impressed as the coffee was very good. Then I started having problems as said above and, if I'm fair, the customer service was brilliant and they seem to know they have a problem!

Im sticking to originals. They're not that much more and if you keep a look out for the offers they work out cheaper and taste good every single time.
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