£3 from £49  6 ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Homebase

£3 from £49 6 ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Homebase

Found 21st Dec 2010
£3 from £49 6 ft Pre-Lit Christmas Tree Homebase - bargain, lots left in my local store, Pool, Cornwall.
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The link shows £9.99... is it definately £3 in store for the 6ft tree?
I saw something online before that was 2.99 which said it was only available in store, so you'd think that was the in-store price. Got there and they were 9.99. I'd say don't trudge out in the snow unless you're sure it's that price, lol.
Definately £3 in store, just picked one up from Ocean Retail park in Portsmouth. Had loads in stock aswell,

Voted hot!!!
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Voted hot... might go and et one myself now.....
be careful i bought one at £9.99 it was really poor and lights lasted 1 day
6ft snow tipped trees..originally £139????? also now £3 !
Durham has loads of stuff, outside lights £50 down to £10, 6ft trees £200 down to £5! i picked up a 4ft fibre optic tree £5o down to £3
Also got the snow tipped one for £3
Loads left in Swansea branch also. HOT!
Happy Days
Bracknell Homebase has the square root of not a lot.

The only trees that they have are half price, down from £160 to £80. They have a lorry load of Christmas lights though with prices as per the website. The lights are supposedly cheap but the SRP was off into the stratosphere to start with.

The only things that they have at sensible prices are some baubles, some tinsel and a few candles. So I'm really pleased that I didn't make a special trip but was out already.
Going tomorrow, hope there will be some left - just moved in with the fiance and decided to wait to buy one knowing prices would drop but would be nice to have one up before the big day
what is the name of this tree? I could only see £19.99 pre lit 6ft ones when I was in just now
None at Newcastle under Lyme, only 3 footers, as of 21 12 2010 @ 17:16
is this store specific?
Colchester St Andrews Ave is not selling trees at £3.00.Just the same price as the website. Obviously store specific.

is this store specific?

Certainly looks that way.
Its £3 in store only, link is to show website and tree, if your local store has not reduced the tress futher yet, check tomorrow as my local store only did it today
Went to the store (@Wandsworth) and thei're all sold out.. Will try somewhere else methinks

Still an awesome deal though
Just picked one up in hull hessle store still about 5 left labled up at 49.99 go through till at £3 thanks op
Just went to my local Homebase in Herne Bay Kent, and its there but its still £49.99, i asked him to check the price for me and he said yes its £49.99 still. If its on their own website then its false advertisement right?
£19.99 in Oxford
Yeah Samkill go and sue them. As above store specific or tomorrow.
Stafford were in the middle of ditching all the xmas stuff, they'd cleared most of the area and were starting to fill it with furniture again. The trees weren't that cheap, and there weren't too many either. I did get some very cheap lights, an 80 and a 120 light set for outdoors for £7 for both. Was the ones they'd used on display, doesn't bother me! Also stuff like lametta was 10p a pack, the baubles weren't that cheap though only a third off or so.
went straight away to my local store (Boston) who didnt have any left apart from 3 small tree's in a bag!
Loads of trees left in carlisle, but none for this cheap. Took one to scan at checkout and was still 49.99. Half price only
can confirm Derby4ever they are now £9.99.
Hope to see you in the premier league soon. FTM
Shhh kwl, hombres just down the road from where I live I'll definitely see what I can find in store:)
anyone that has got one can they post a picture as the stock pic on the homebase site its looks terrible.
Don't look to sharp in real life but if you want a cheap tree then it's no contest at three quid.
its abit like the asda baby event deals some stores never reduce right down.....
They need rid, so the more stock they have the more they are reduced. Also chances are no stock will move between stores as its not worth the transportation costs.
Norwich store had these marked at £9.99 yesterday, but took one to the till and it scanned at £3.
Many thanks, OP!
Just got one. Got the display model at Milngavie. Needed to argue for some time as the woman wouldn't believe it was 3 quid.
Got one from Homebase in Liverpool - just gotta go out with our kid Xmas Eve to "find" some presents. Came out, car on bricks. Merry scouser Xmas

Loads of trees left in carlisle, but none for this cheap. Took one to … Loads of trees left in carlisle, but none for this cheap. Took one to scan at checkout and was still 49.99. Half price only

Thanks, just saved me a trip out!

Thanks, just saved me a trip out!

Post here if you do go. Was debating whether to try again after work to see if they've reduced them today. (you'll know how Scotland road is at 5 oclock! - probably not worth the hassle)
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