3 Games for £10 @ The Game Collection

3 Games for £10 @ The Game Collection

Found 5th Nov 2010Made hot 6th Nov 2010
Pick any 3 games for £10, PC, PS3, PS3 and DS, though most of the good games are PC.

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising , Supreme Commander, Burnout Paradise Ultimate, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts , TItan Quest, Stalker, Motorstorm, Madworld, Wolfenstein plus more.


Pick any of the only 3 PS3 games.

brilliant find, got my 3 x

Brilliant,Just ordered 6 games for £20.00
Great stocking fillers !

Can anyone recommend 3 PC ones please?

Awesome, not even one game worth buying.

Titan's Quest and expansion are definately worth picking up if you like Diablo clones ...

Hmmmm. They only have two xbox games is that section!!!

might've been hot if anything worth getting was there

Disney Sing It for PS3... wow, excellent deal! .......:{

PaRappa The Rapper !!!

Going to give Supcom a go, been putting it off for years so here's a good excuse.

Some good games, bought £30 worth, cheers.

that is an extremely bad selection, of already budget titles im afraid

I got 6 3 from the 3 for 10 and 3 from the 3 for 20!!

good deal if you like what's on offer.
a bit lame, though.

i think good for xmas


Awesome, not even one game worth buying.

That's a matter of personal opinion but I would say Burnout Paradise and Madworld are a steal at that price.

Most of the prices for PC games have gone up by £1 to £3 since I checked last time!
I recently got Frontlines: Fuel of War (PC) for £1.99, the new price is £4.99!!!

Where The Wild Things Are: The Videogame (Xbox 360)

thats a good price i think
rayman 3 on ps2 is amazing
and eyetoy dance is a good alternative to anyone that cant afford kinect dancing game

even if it was 3 for £3 on the good pc games id have to say no - zero resale value and i have a laptop so te odds on them working correctly are low. if its a game you can play on a console, then just play it on a console.

might take a look if there is anything else left worth having.

hmm not really, may as well get where the wild things are for easy gamerscore, 3 of them will do.


Brilliant,Just ordered 6 games for £20.00Great stocking fillers !

prepare for dissapointed kids.

i mean i guess you would be getting ds/wii games etc so maybe not so bad, but still.....

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Theres really nothing wrong with these PC games on offer for £3.33 each, i dont know what people expect, sorry if your PC cant run it or you dont like PC games.

Burnout Paradise Ultimate, Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising, Wolfenstein ? All newish games.
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