3 H&M Fine knit cardigans £11.37 delivered

3 H&M Fine knit cardigans £11.37 delivered

£11.37H&M Deals
Found 28th Oct 2013
Came across this when looking for some winter wear.

These cardigans are 50% off already.

Use code 0560 to get 25% off the most expensive item and then code 1304 to get another £5 off.

There is a minimum spend of £11 for the 2nd code.

Apparently were £9.99 each now £3.79 each with promo codes and sale.

Note some colours are not included.

if you order 3 the same size it will £10.12 delivered. thanks
- ather7851
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Thanx for sharing
odd - mine comes to 12.62?
12.62 for me but still good price thanks
I just checked my order again - it took the 25% off 2 of the cardigans, and then subtracted the £5 too.

Product total: £14.97
Discount: -£7.50
Total after discount: £7.47
Delivery: £3.90
Total to be paid: £11.37
Mine was £12.62 as well still a bargain tho HEAT
11.37 purchased thanks
The maths is correct. akerai got lucky and has had the 25% discount applied to all the tops.
It works if you add 2 of the same top and not 3 different ones
Nice find
Thanks 3 ordered.shame u can't collect from store x
Only £10.12 if you order 3 of a kind!
Nice one - just bought the wife 3 she will be pleased!
I'm only gettting one for £3.72 rest are £3.99
I could only get it for £12.62 too but is still a great deal when at standard price they are £9.99. Didn't fancy 2 or 3 of the same colour!
Thanks - I needed some new cardigans!
Excellent find!! great deal for H&M can't wait for their Christmas Sales
Great deal! Voted hot, just need to resist buying myself, i spend too much through this site!
Just ordered a jumper with delivery for £7.49 bargain for a Christmas present.
Just used the discount codes to get a new jumper cheaper saved me over 11 pounds.. Thanks
hahhahahhaha i orderd 3 for £10.12 yeeppppppppppppppppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2 of the same 1 different
Edited by: "sofiasar" 28th Oct 2013
Only another 4629 items to list from h&m website with the 25% code and £5 off vouchers lol
Bargain, ordered too much! Thanks
1304 code isn't working for me

Great deal! Voted hot, just need to resist buying myself, i spend too … Great deal! Voted hot, just need to resist buying myself, i spend too much through this site!

They should have more pix - I want to see what it looks like from the back.

Says a monthly invoice will be sent to me, is that right?
wouldn't have thought so, I ordered some stuff from them 12 months ago and heard nothing since.

All their stuff is very cheap quality I.M.H.O.
Ordered, needed some new cardigans, can't argue with those prices! Heat added!
Ordered but heard using 1304 code hm may cancel your order. Fingers crossed they come through!
hot :-) I have a couple of these cardigans and have been asked where I got them, handy for work now its getting colder
If you want different colours you can always buy 3 the same then exchange instore without your receipt once they arrive, I've done it plenty of times to get the 25% discount as it always works on multiples.

Says a monthly invoice will be sent to me, is that right?

means you have a credit account, I have the same, didn't mean to set it up, I just transfer the money in when the invoice arrives
Thanks. Wife got three.
ahh, website not working when I try to add to basket
ordered thanks
Needed some new cardis, so have ordered three different colours for a total of £12.62 delivered. Still completely worth it for just over 4 quid each.

Heat added.
Thanks just bought 3 for £12.62 that's a bargain
Gentlemen, do not despair!

As usual, we do get the short end of the deal, but there are still savings to be made by the cardigan-conscious.

Gents version.

Starting price is higher - £14.99 as opposed to £9.99 (because ...?) but the codes still work, and you only have to purchase 2 to qualify for the second code.

Bottom line = 2 for £12.00 delivered.

They also have green, to match your complexion.
I am not sure about the cardigan, but definitely like the rest on the picture!
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