3 in 1 Kiddee Case Ride On Travel Bag Hand Luggage (Tranki Style) £9.99 @ B&M

3 in 1 Kiddee Case Ride On Travel Bag Hand Luggage (Tranki Style) £9.99 @ B&M

Found 19th Dec 2015
Carry handles: Easy to grab for a departure gate dash.
Horn grips for stability: Take control - grab the horns to steer your Trunki.
Secure lockable catches: Keep favourite possessions safe inside for the ride.
Lightweight durable plastic: Made from the same high-quality plastic as grown-up cases.
Internal pocket: Keep special treasures inside for easy access.

Was £14.99 now £9.99
Amazon £22.00
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Edited by: "furion1985" 19th Dec 2015
Cheap copy and rip off!!! won't last…..we have had the trunkies for 3 years, ( 5 flights and never an issue) …and hours of fun in the airports.
one more point…..they don't have an internal removable pouch that can hold in-flight entertainment (IE pens books sweets electronics etc) that you can remove easily without having the case at your feet.
quality is pretty cheap as compared to Trunki
I wouldn't buy on the basis that its a cheap copy which wont last.

I feel for the person who came up with this great idea in the first place as that folk will buy this instead of the far superior version.
Thank you for your opinion. I haven't buy one or another to compare it but I will be back to B&M and I'll take my chance for a tenner believing that cheaper not always needs to means worse.
I only paid about £20 for our Trunki via a deakl on here. We've used it for 5 years on more than 10 flights and it is still going strong. I wouldn't trust my 6 year old wheeling around on a "lightweight" plastic. The Trunki is quite heavy but because it needs to bear the weight of a child haring round on it. If you aren't planning for them to sit/ ride one, just get an ordinary case. Trunki has saved our sanity in long immigration queues where he had somewhere to sit on/ flop over while trying to fight off boredom.
I think this is worth a shot just for nanny grandad sleepovers or nights away... I've wanted one for ages and toyed with the idea of the cheap one at band m but now it's reduced to £10 I'll be going there today... and if in the future we do go abroad I'll invest in a proper one but this will do for now...
Gutted. No adult size.
Cold - as shouldn't support nasty knock offs. I know Rob @ Trunki and he's worked hard to create a reputable Quality brand and manufactures in the UK. If you need a Trunki, look for a deal on an original- and don't support rip-offs.
Tranki? Sounds like some wolf of wall st good times ;)/
Not slating the deal as for anyone who wants to buy one this is a good price. However we went on Holiday last year & looked at getting one of these instead of paying for a trunki & I'm so glad we didn't. When we was in the shop trying them out, half of them the catches wouldn't even fasten or if they did there was a gap where it fastened. They are not a patch on a proper Trunki (which we ended up buying) each to their own but please be careful with your child riding on them.
my son has one of these cases from b and m and has used it going on holiday, i wasnt too sure about it being a cheaper make but does the job and kept him amused. sturdy and usefull, great for £10 imo
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