3 in 1 Portable Jump Starter and Air Compressor - £19.99 was £39.99 @ Maplin

3 in 1 Portable Jump Starter and Air Compressor - £19.99 was £39.99 @ Maplin

Found 22nd Feb 2008
£22.98 inc delivery or free delivery over £35.
Up to 400A cranking power
12V power supply output - ideal for spotlights, car vacuums, portable fridges etc
200psi compressor for inflating car and cycle tyres, inflatable toys etc.
17Ah battery
Built-in light
Complete with heavy duty jump leads

This fully portable jump starter and compressor is ideal for jump starting a car or light truck. It can also be used to power up 12V batteries in recreational vehicles and equipment that doesn''t get used everyday, such as boats and motorcycles.

Comes complete with both mains and in car charging adaptors.
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Perfect for getting the kids out of bed in the morning :whistling:
good one lol
Direct link: ]http//ww…3m2
Great deal, HOT!
wonder if any good for diesel engine cars??

wonder if any good for diesel engine cars??

In the FAQ's here it states that it won't start a 2.0L Diesel

Last time I visited my local ALDI in Milton Keynes - about a week ago - they had a very similar looking item at a similar price (from memory, I wasn't personally interested) stacked in 3 or 4 places around the store - a case of SERIOUS overstocking - so if interested in this item may well be worth checking your local Aldi as well (Maplin have I believe a strict 14 day refund policy for unwanted/unused items, Aldi a 30 day one).
A great deal - but be wary of just how powerful these are.

Both our cars are gutsy V8 petrols - so we had to make sure we got the right thing. A friend owns and runs a garage, after buying several of the 'nearly £200' units from garage equipment specialists, he now swears by the unit that costco sells.

So we bought one of the costco ones for about £45 i think a few months ago and it has been excellent! It even started the 4.4 litre v8 X5 three times in succession without being recharged. We soon realised that battery was guffed in the X5 & had to replace.

A few years a go one dark winter after leaving the lights on all day - I tried to jump start the X5 off an almost new ford focus - even revving the pants off the focus - it wouldn't even look at engaging the starter on the X5. So these costco units are superb !

All that waffle aside - this post is a good deal - if you have a sensible car - buy one of these as it will save the day in the future - trust me ! If you've got some spare cash - get a heavier duty unit.
Is this available in store too ?
good deal to go in my boot
Wont start a completely flat battery, the battery does need a bit of juice for this to work. Have got one and find it useful for the compressor and the 12V supply. don't have any ideas of starting dead diesel engine cars! I'v tried and failed with these ones, not sure about them costco ones though...

Is this available in store too ?


If you scroll to the bottom of the product page there is a store stock checker, just enter your postcode (though it's not always accurate).
Thanks, the number of times I've had to recover from a dead battery.
seen these for the same price in b and m's if anyone wants one and don't have a maplins nearby
I had to buy a £55 (20% off) Halford's Powerpack 100 last week due to being a tardwit and leaving my lights on all day. It worked a treat, well impressed. Also has 12V outlets, and can charge from the ciggie lighter, and a bright-as-hell light.

If this does 2500cc cars like my Ford Mondeo, then bummer, £35 quid less
£12.95 plus £4.50 shipping amazon.co.uk Power-Station-Jump-Compressor
If anyone has a stax card, these are on offer at the moment at £13.99+vat
Picked up one of these the other day and used it to start my 1964 Landrover which has a 3.0l V6 in it. Threw it over no problem with a flat battery and still had enough charge to inflate the rear tyre from flat, great piece of kit
poor poor quality.

i bought one a few weeks ago it wouldnt detect the tyre pressure on any of my cars (i have three)

also maplin cust service isnt exactly ideal either.

for anyone buying one i recommend to test it immediately after purchasing (in the maplin car park itself!) as they come with a charge to see if its worth taking home
I bought one of these last year at the same price. My 1.9 diesel galaxy battery was on its way out and this started it many times. It was necessary to leave it connected for a few minutes before attempting to start, but that's pretty similar to jump starting from another car. Pretty poor quality construction, but for £20 its a bargain.
Not impressed I'm afraid. Got one before Christmas from Maplin at this price.
They have a comparatively small battery inside. Don't seem to hold a charge for long. You could wait forever to inflate tyres.

In the FAQ's here it states that it won't start a 2.0L Diesel … In the FAQ's here it states that it won't start a 2.0L Diesel http://www.maplin.co.uk/module.aspx?ITAG=FAQ&ModuleNo=49038&doy=24m2#faq

Bought this last time round for our 2.0L diesel Citroen Picasso for those cold mornings.

Starts it in one second when it's needed, been a real lifesaver on school days.

Haven't tried it on a flat battery but hope this helps somebody. :thumbsup:
poor quality, bought it few months ago for £15 (was half price offer) worked twice for me, then when was out of charge wont work again
there is good one at Aldi for £20 and looks better
use one of these for helping a cold tractor and forklift get going in a morning, like someone said before it wont start a dead dead battery but will help the ones that might not start on there own, or need a good heat start
at times.
Bought one last time they were this price, yes the tyre pressure gauge is wrong but this will run a TV and satelite box when the power is cut to your house for not paying the bills, just buy a £20 invertor to convert the current to 240v works a treat!
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