3 issues of PC PRO for £1 and free Vista guide

3 issues of PC PRO for £1 and free Vista guide

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Found 22nd Nov 2007
Got this offer through today from PC PRO magazine which seems good to me.

Pay £1 and you get 3 trial issues of PC PRO (not sure if this is the same version as in the shops) and they also send you a free Windows Vista guide.

Seems that by paying £1 you are starting a magazine subscription but it does say you can cancel at any time.

Also, given the issues i am having with Vista, its probably worth paying the £1 for the guide alone!!!

Has anyone else seen the guide? Is it any good?



I signed up for this to get a free pc toolkit with no probs.
just make sure you cancel your direct debit just before your 3rd magazine
I might go for it again for maxim magazine
heres a link magazinedeals.co.uk/

Good deal pops up quite often I would order but have 2 magazines on the go already
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