3 Litres Milk £1 @ Tesco

3 Litres Milk £1 @ Tesco

Found 13th Jan 2010Made hot 14th Jan 2010
3 litres of Creamfield milk, shelf price £1.09, but till price £1.00


I saw that yesterday too. Seemed very cheap for 3L. They only had it in something odd like 0.75% fat, which is similar to skimmed, I think.

Litres(!) or pints? That's a bloody bargain for 3 litres!!

It's litres

Go buy real milk semi or full fat for only £1 at Iceland. Yes, Iceland's are 2.28 litres (4 pints) but it's REAL milk not white water. The last time I looked Tesco's price for real milk was about £1.63 for 4 pints.
On the previous post some one queried if milk would be OK if stored frozen. Well we have been freezing it for years and although you may be disturbed to see it turns light yellow when frozen, as soon as you defrost it it returns to its normal white colour and tastes fine

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