3 Mobile ZTE F866 Mobile Phone 3 PAYG - £19.99 Includes £10 Credit Before £5 Quidco!!
3 Mobile ZTE F866 Mobile Phone 3 PAYG - £19.99 Includes £10 Credit Before £5 Quidco!!

3 Mobile ZTE F866 Mobile Phone 3 PAYG - £19.99 Includes £10 Credit Before £5 Quidco!!

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Would make a great starter phone for the kids... Only £19.99 on 3, includes £10 credit and then £5 quidco making the total £14.99 A Steal!!


Thanks emasu

Posted by advance here . Still worth a reminder .... :thumbsup:

After you've used up the credit, would this phone be acceptable for the tesco 500 points offer?

i have this - its a really ace deal - its a3g phone that allows browsing on certain sites for free (eg a news site, some blog updater including uploading mp4 videos to it for free, and best of all ebay and yahoo search.) basically the idea is that you browse on yahoo then click a link and start paying $$$ but if youree jsut using it for checking little facts, eg a pub quiz, you can usually get the info you need from the search results. they also have a mail thing which is free to recieve mails, but costs to send - find one of the sites online that does rss forwarding to and email and you can read all your favorite sites for free. (it used to allow yahoo mail too but they cottoned on to that. damn)

oh yea, jsut to note, they have actually litterally glued in the sim card with that stuff they use to seal tiles in bathrooms so youll be hard pressed getting it out. various quirks of teh phone can be really really irritating too like the need to press ok after every single word on predictive text, you cant just press space. that and its inability to add words to the dictionary

Yep you can send them to tesco for recycling for 500 points (or £20 in deals) so effectively you are getting your money back plus the £10 in credit on top of that! Deal!!!! You'd want to get rid of it anyway after youve used the credit up as the system annoys you very quickly like the above poster says! But ideal to keep in the car for emergency calls or just for the kids to ring home on and let you know if they will be late - I dread the day my kids want technology (they are 6, 4 and 1 at the mo) But ive always said they will not have a louder stereo, faster pc or flashier phone than me - thats rule number one! They can have mine when i upgrade!

How easy it is to unlock??

the 3 site mentions it has stereo bluetooth...can anyone confirm?

never mind, it obviously doesn't. the got the same features listed for a few of the phones

If you click for more info on the phone , you better be a quick reader. The page changes after about 5 seconds to the choose handsets page.
Very shoddy..

Buy the phone, use the credit & send it to envirophone to get ....

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