3 month Half price upgrade to sky sports and skymovies

3 month Half price upgrade to sky sports and skymovies

Found 4th May 2010
Just received leaflet saying sky customer can have 3 month half price upgrade to sky sports or sky movies or both. Only for existing sky customer. offer valid till 30 may 2010.
Call 08442 411 782


great idea, unfortunately the link is for april

The link is for something else thats why lol.

Just as the football season ends :thinking:

also, sky have changed their policies regarding downgrading,

u have to give 1 months notice now,

so u would have to downgrade after 2nd month or end up paying full price for 4th month!

How come I never get offered these deals as a sky customers, my mate got offered 3 months free movies & sports last year, I phoned up sky and got told wasn't available to everyone, and they couldn't offer it to me WTF?!?!, I go on my sky homepage and the only current offer I have is £5 of the first mont h if I take out sky sports?!

Just phoned sky and I don't qualify for this offer its HD customers only! FFS!!! and to top that off sky are getting rid of one of the broadband packages so from June there only going to be lite usage and unlimited there getting rid of the middle one (£5) so its now going to be £7.50 for unlimited!
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