3 months DVD rental for the price of 1 (£12.71)@ outnow.co.uk

3 months DVD rental for the price of 1 (£12.71)@ outnow.co.uk

Found 2nd Mar 2009
3 Months DVD Rentals for the price of 1!

Choose from 65000+ DVD titles.
Free, First Class home delivery & returns.
Fast, same-day dispatch and turnaround of DVDs.
No return dates, no late fees, no contract no hassle!
3 Months Unlimited rentals, 2 at a time, for just £12.71.
Hurry - Deal ends Friday 6th March 2009

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Fantastic. Just coming to the end of a Lovefilm trial and have heard they aren'tdoing them any more. Just signed up on this deal for £12.71 for 3 months.
The blurb makes it sound identical to Lovefilm, you can cancel before the end of the first 3 months to avoid paying full priceif you feel the need. If you do this the remaining disks you have must be sent back before the last day and a certificate of posting obtained.

Looks good to me - thanks

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It is the same as love film plus plenty of lovefilm/tesco trials still working on here:thumbsup:

I'm interested in this offer but the I've never heard of this company before. Does anyone else have good experience of them? Thanks.
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