3 months free Sky Sports and Movies For Existing Virgin Media Customers Worth £102.75

3 months free Sky Sports and Movies For Existing Virgin Media Customers Worth £102.75

Found 11th Dec 2014
I just called up Virgin Media as they had recently increased their price to existing customers by £4.50/month starting from 1st February 2015. I was on their "Big Kahuna" package.

Clearly I wasn't happy about this, so I called up and spoke to customer services and they offered me a 3 month free trial of Sky sports and Sky Movies.

This is worth £102.75, so it was a pretty nice surprise. I've had a lot of problems with Virgin Media, and I think to increase the bill by £4.50 a month, when it is so expensive already is incredibly cynical. I am keen to share this with as many people as possible so they can take advantage of this hidden offer and hit Virgin Media where it hurts - in the Kahunas!
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Good but you are aware you are probably on a new 12 month contract now, virgin media don't give anything away for nothing.
you have just signed to a 12 month contract. lol
So, did you get this instead of them reducing your bill? Personally I'd rather not have a 3 month free trial and no price increase.
I'm not on the big kahuna, I have 152Mb broadband, Medium TV package with Tivo box from previous deal and Medium telephone, my price increase is £4.89 a month!
Totally agree - Bunch of cowboys!
They never call when they say they will. We have phone, broadband, tv and mobile through them. No great discounts or loyalty given - but to change would probably cause just as much trouble
Rather than having 3 months free, you should have asked for the the price off the increase be credited to your account. That's what they offered me, so technically I don't pay more than I do now.
Done exactly the same as the OP, post #5 here

I am NOT on a new 12 month contract, I'm free to leave at any time, only obligation I have is to remember to cancel the Sports & Movies befire 3 months is up or I start paying for them, I'll only have 2 months of the £4.89 price increase to pay (Feb&Mar).

Will query what deals they have at that time, if they can't tempt me I'll switch to Sky.
Yep, fully agree with most of the above comments. Virgin are very sneaky and will quite happily increase your contract by 12 months without telling you.

For me it was worth it as I still have 14 months to run and I'll watch quite a few movies and premier league football games over the Christmas period. Its not for everyone, but for me it works out well and I imagine it will for quite a lot of people as well.

If you do sign up for it though, remember to cancel 1 month before it ends as otherwise they'll charge you full whack for the month after!
Thanks for this. Just had the Sky Sports & Movies free for 3 months, netflix free for 6 months and a fiver off my bill for 6 months. Decided to have the sky HD channels but that'll only end up costing me a couple of extra pounds after the discount. Agreed a 12 month extention but that's fine with me, wouldn't consider moving to sky anyway.
Thanks op! Got myself 3 months free sports and movies, 6 months free Netflix and £3 a month for 18 months off my bill!
Phoned VM this morning and asked about Sky Sports & Movies free for 3 months. A few minutes later it was added to my account. Kids will be happy over Christmas. Thanks to OP
I was on some outdated package costing £71 pm. I phoned up about the increase and ended up with the big easy package 100mb BB 130 tv and weekend calls free. this I got for £40pm a new TiVo box 1TB is coming as well as the superhub. oh and 6 months free netfkicks voucher. I've upgraded my equipment and saved £31pm at the same time. Yes the new price includes the increase.
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