3 months free trial for everyone @ Lovefilm

3 months free trial for everyone @ Lovefilm

Found 14th Dec 2007
This could be the best Christmas ever because its going to last a full 3 months, but only if you act fast.

Thats right, if you sign up to LOVEFiLM before midnight on 17th December will get FREE LOVEFiLM membership, with the option to cancel at any time after this period (not that youll want to), with no strings attached.

So forget the same old rubbish thats on TV over Christmas and the New Year, and get all the new DVD releases and old classics for FREE. Its a brilliant opportunity to make the most of those long winter nights think of it as an early Christmas present.

Simply visit lovefilm.com/thr…ree
today to get this offer.


If you want to try using quidco too then click the quidco link and use this promo code LFOC9807XX

EDIT: Also hardly and offer for 'everyone' as lovefilm like to say. It should be called 'free 3 months for anyone who is slow on the uptake and hasn't used a lovefilm service before'.

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I've been a lovefilm free trial member for about the past year. Mostly using codes that are for new customers only, so I'm pretty sure this will be the same!

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Can't believe so many have voted this cold, it was getting really hot earlier. There's nothing cold about this deal - it's a free 3 month trial for lovefilm up to 3 discs at a time - what's the problem....?

I got a £50 LOVEFiLM "gift voucher" in the post today, also with 3 months free DVD/game rentals.

My voucher expires in May (so I don't have to sign up over Christmas for DVDs I won't have time to watch :p).

I'd post the voucher code here but I'm pretty sure it was uniquely printed (my name's printed on everything) and I don't want to loose it before I've even claimed it!
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