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Posted 1 January 2023

3 Months Subscription £1 (£10.99 A Month After Three Months / Cancel Anytime) @ Mubi

£1£32.9797% off
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A new film every day.
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£10.99 a month after three months. Cancel anytime.
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    Please read the trustpilot reviews before signing up and giving them payment details. Some shocking stories of them taking payments after cancellations and not being able to login to query. uk.trustpilot.com/rev…com (edited)
    virtual throw-away card?
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    Before people are needlessly put off because of the Trustpilot reviews, I suspect that those leaving bad reviews opted to "pause" membership instead of cancelling it! The cancellation process couldn't be clearer and is easy to do. When you pause membership, the subscription will automatically restart after the pausation period, but it provides a date for when this will happen. I've done both, pausing and cancelling. People who have trouble with this must be incapable of reading and are obviously just crying foul when they get an unexpected bill!

    Also, if you pay with paypal, you can cancel automatic payments within paypal itself (just in case you forget to cancel).
    Last time, I cancelled, I did so before my subscription was due to end (days) and still retained access so it should be okay to cancel after signing up. However, do your own research and don't take my word for it.

    Edit: Added a screenshot of the cancellation page. (edited)
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    works for existing lapsed accounts too, lovely
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    Does this work via Amazon on a Firestick?
    Heat added, great deal, thans to OP.
    Happy New Year x
    There's an mubi app for Fire stick, they also have a separate offer for an Amazon Prime video add-on at 99p a month for 3 months. (edited)
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    What is it?
    It's a high brow film streaming service.
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    Thanks OP, looks good. Work fine on my PC and my Firestick. I just paid the £1 with a virtual card and then terminated and deleted the virtual card on the Revolut app.. Does anyone know if I cancel the subcription now, will it end the trial immediately, or continue for the 3 months. Thanks, (edited)
    I cancelled mine because I couldn’t get it working and it’s still active to March
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    Heat, really wanted to get back on this. Need to see Decision to Leave.
    Just watched it on Korean Netflix via surfshark not parks best but worth watching
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    its a good service I particularly enjoyed "the worse person in the world" and am steadily working through (some of) the many films on here. Aftersun is due for release on the service later this month I believe which has some great reviews. There was a link for 3 months for free recently not sure if that's expired but heat for this as can be used if one has already used that offer.
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    I signed up for a previous trial and found it to be really good so signed up for the discounted yearly subscription. I was also initially hesitant looking at the trustpilot reviews but must say I'm pretty impressed so far although obviously haven't tried to cancel.
    Don't be put off by people who are saying it's hard to cancel. I think they probably paused their membership instead of cancelling and then complained because they made a mistake. It's very easy to cancel (select cancel, not the option to pause).

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    Loads of crazy directors have new stuff on there that I wasnt aware of!

    Lors Von Trier - The kingdom
    Gaspar Noe - Vortex
    Park Chan Wook - Decision to leave
    Oh man! The Kingdom has forever left me scarred. Harrowing stuff.
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    Anyone new to the site who's looking for something to watch, some films I recommend:
    First Cow
    Petite Maman
    Toni Erdmann (edited)
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    The deal picture didn't auto populate and for some reason I can't paste one in. (edited)
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    Also Parallel Mothers and Hit the Road! Ah this is a great deal, thanks OP. I seem to remember last time they had this deal it wasn't on for long and I missed out, not made the same mistake this time...
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    Thanks OP - worked a treat 
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    Does anyone know when this deal expires ?
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    Signed up to it. Fantastic deal. Aftersun looks like a phenomenal movie.
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    Haven’t read reviews that bad for a while. Was interested but no longer worth the risk even with a disposable card
    i have no interest in this offer but have used disposable cards in the past on some things. whats the "risk" with a disposable card?
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    This deal is for 3 months for £1 or 33p a month. Not that I'd trust them after reading trust pilot.
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    I hope they improved the Hideous interface.
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    Fantastic offer on a great service. My only gripe is they often present their movies in stereo PCM. For example i had to watch Decision to Leave in pseudo-surround which is bonkers when everyone else but Shudder offers 5.1 as standard.
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    Great deal!
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    'Limited time', any small print I'm missing that clarifies exactly when the offer runs to? I have an existing trial ending on the 13th so want to maximise the days if I was able to extend it with this, but don't wanna miss out if it's a matter of days!
    Was listed as available on prime until 9th January
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    So I tried the service , but with fomo and having films disappear , I kinda lost interest
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    Website is painfully slow. Can’t activate my tv, Samsung app keep coming up with the activate and then when you got each a film it tries to activate again. Garbage. (edited)
    It’s working now. Must have tried at a bad time :-)
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    Anyone know if I could do the 3 months for £1, then if I like it, cancel just before this runs out and take up a yearly subscription which seems better value? Thanks.
    I don’t see why not. I already cancelled mine and it gave me an offer of a reduced monthly price to keep my subscription. I can’t remember exactly what it was but that might be a better option. (edited)
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