3 months TES for free
3 months TES for free

3 months TES for free

Not subscribed to The Times Ed for a while so they emailed offering me 3 months (12 issues?) free (also applies to TESS and TESC).

There's also 6 issues for £1 at tes.co.uk

Both revert to £11.25 / quarter or £45 / year if you don't cancel.

In the past they've been easy enough to get rid of when I no longer have time to read it as much as I/HMIE might like by just stopping the direct debit. I Prefer the X issues for £1 deals 'cos then it's dead easy to cancel the DD once they've taken £1 but this might tempt me back for a while at least.

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better with this deal I put earlier which should be much hotter


2 years for the price of one year. That is a better deal

hope this helps you

cheers GF
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