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Posted 21 May 2023

3 Months Xbox Live Gold £7.49 @ CDKeys

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Xbox Live Gold 3 months subscription £7.49 CDkeys

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Get your instant download with CDKeys.com
This product includes a 3 month Gold membership for Xbox Live. This gives you access to multiplayer gaming, online chat, great deals on the hottest new titles and much more.

Lightning fast online multiplayer gaming thanks to hundreds of thousands of dedicated servers offering low lag and reduced cheating.
Get free games, twice a month - including Microsoft exclusives on the day they release!Exclusive access to weekly sales offering up to 75% off games.

About Xbox Live Gold Membership

  • You'll get lightning fast online service with Xbox Live Gold thanks to thousands of dedicated servers offering low lag and reduced cheating.
  • Get free games twice a month with Xbox Live Gold - including Microsoft exclusives on the day they release.
  • Exclusive access to weekly sales offering up to 75% off games.
  • With an Xbox Live Vision Camera, you can video chat with friends and family.
  • Be the first to view exclusive game demos as an Xbox Live Gold member
  • Download new content straight from the Xbox Live marketplace to keep all your favourite games updated.

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  1. RK11's avatar
    If I apply this to my game pass ultimate that finishes next month what will it add on ?
    jak22's avatar
    If the GPU has finished then 3 months gold adds 3 months gold - but if you then start or restart a GPU sub then every month of gold converts 1:1

    If you apply 3 months gold to an existing active GPU it extends it by 50 days
  2. Luqmaan's avatar
    Stackable? If so then 30 is decent for a whole year
    gr021857's avatar
    Yes just stacked 3 years worth
  3. ukjoel's avatar
    I picked up a couple of free months by turning the autorenew on and off.
    It gave me a free month for the first purchase and the second free month when I upgraded to GPU.

    As previous poster says you need to pay £7.99 for the 1 month GPU to convert whats been stacked at 1-1.
    There are some cheaper ones there but they dont support stacking.

    Great deal - been waiting for one like this.
  4. madfish's avatar
    Can someone explain like I'm 5 lol, I only want to use cloud gaming and my passes expired months ago, if I buy a load of these passes and activate them how do I convert to ultimate?
    loftie's avatar
    Buy the gold (2 at a time is the limit on CDkeys)
    Redeem here redeem.microsoft.com/?wa…1.0
    (you may get offered a free month if you enable reoccuring billing, it will prompt you)
    (I disable reoccuring billing after EACH code, in case it pops up again)

    Buy a Game Pass Ultimate code (one that DOES NOT say non - stackable) from CDkeys. It MUST be Ultimate if you want Cloud Gaming.
    Redeem AFTER all the Gold has been redeemed, using the same link as above.
    It'll tell you it will convert it all, you may also get offered another month for reoccuring billing.

    I remember issues with doing 3 years of only gold stacking and then converting, because 3 years is the maximum. Personally I did 2 years 9 months, added 1 month GPU for, and got offered 2 months free for reoccuring billing, so 3 years total
  5. szumiwoda1's avatar
    Are this stackable?
    bigtonka's avatar
    bigtonka Author
  6. GaryHuntingDeals's avatar
    Have they not stopped the GPU upgrade trick now? Read something somewhere not long ago.
    adam.mt's avatar
    No. It was only the £1 trial that was stopped. (edited)
  7. szumiwoda1's avatar
    Is GP code from eBay still convert this or You need to buy one from Microsoft? (edited)
    adil171's avatar
  8. WheresMeNuts's avatar
    If I buy 4 of the 3-month golds and 1 3-month GPU, can I activate them all at the end of next month when my Subscription ends?
    And if Yes, do I add the Gold codes first and then the GPU code, for a full year's GPU?
    mini76's avatar
    Yes add gold 1st then ultimate
  9. StrongbadRules's avatar
    Made a new microsoft account: check.
    Redeemed 12 months of xbox live gold: check.
    Clicked join game pass ultimate (and it came up with the conversion): check.
    Clicked buy now: failed. It said, "we're having trouble processing your payment and we'd like to get it sorted out".

    If anyone has the same issue and fixes it (or knows how to) please let me know.

    My card has been added to the microsoft account.
    StrongbadRules's avatar
    In case it's helpful to others, I tried again today, had the same issue, so I went to the customer support. No live chat option available, which surprised me, but there was a call option. It said wait time for them to call would be 61 minutes! Fortunately they called within 90 seconds. Spoke to a nice lady, she said because it was a new account and I'd redeemed 4 codes so quickly I got red-flagged as a bot or something, so now nothing would be accepted. She contacted a specialist team and said that WORST CASE in 3-5 working days I'd get an email confirmation my account was better now and I could then purchase as normal, usually it won't take that long.
  10. jomarkwh's avatar
    has anyone tried loading with gold then using a non stackable gpu to convert? if so how did it go?
    john90210's avatar
    I did it today with a non stackable month GPU and it converted one to one.

    TBH I did not consider a non stackable might be an problem.

    I probably should have. Thankfuuly it did convert.
  11. Michael_Collins's avatar
    Hi everyone, I'm new to Xbox having switched from PS after they ripped me off and I've no idea about any of this.

    Ideally I'd like the games pass with the free games for me and my 10 year old boy and to be able to play online with each other but I've no idea what's a good deal or not at present.

    Would any one be kind enough to offer any advice on what good deal I should go for as I've been advice this gold thing only includes 2 games but I want the larger collection? Thanks
    Scenicblur's avatar
    To play games online, you need Xbox Live Gold (approx £38/year from CDKeys).
    To access the games library, you need Game Pass - but GP doesn't allow online gaming.

    Combined membership (both of those things), is Game Pass Ultimate - usually £10.99/month.
    GP Ultimate allows online gaming + access to Game Pass library + access to EA Play game library.
    (You also get 2 free 'Games With Gold', per month, but you can only play those games, for as long as your subscription is active, so they are basically just Game Pass games, which you technically 'own').

    Cheapest way to get Game Pass Ult, is to buy (and activate) up to 3 years of Live Gold, then sign up for a month of Game Pass Ult, for £10.99. That will convert all of your regular Live Gold, to Game Pass Ultimate.
    Total cost for 3 years, works out at £124.96 (£3.47/month), instead of the regular GPU price of £395.64!

    The maximum membership is 3 years - you can't add any more than that.
    If you convert straightaway, the extra month of GPU would not be added on to your sub.
    Just use the regular Gold for a month, before adding/converting.

    If you top up with more Gold, during your GPU membership, it converts it to GPU at a ratio.
    As an example, 12 months Gold is converted to just 4 months of GPU, so you end up losing out.
    Better to wait until the current subscription expires, then sign up again, with fresh Gold.
  12. dan.theman's avatar
  13. madfish's avatar
    Thanks for the help guys, just bought a year for £41 all in
  14. Toby_SmithmTG's avatar
    Well that's £80 gone but I'll get 3 years of ultimate, cannot complain even with Xbox terrible offerings

    Well prepared for when my ult lapses on the 28th.

    Cannot believe I've got away with this for what will be 8 years

    Edit: Well turns out it had already expired, loaded up on 12 of these 2 codes on 6 purchases: 36 months. And 1 month ult for £8 also on cdkeys.

    Next bill June 2026! (edited)
    WheresMeNuts's avatar
    Do you add all the Gold codes first and then the Ultimate?
  15. halster65's avatar
    Bought a years worth, nice! Thanks
  16. mini76's avatar
    If you stack this, Does a 1 Month Ultimate still convert ?

    Do these have an expiry date ? (edited)
  17. filip737's avatar
    How is this converted again to game pass ultimate? (I did it a while ago, can't remember exactly).

    My game pass is expired currently. Do I buy this, and then activate it, and then buy a month's game pass ultimate to convert it at ratio of 1:1?

    Thanks in advance
    Dheano's avatar
    Yeah, stack up to three years, convert at 1:1
  18. szumiwoda1's avatar
    Just converted 1 year thanks , heated as well (edited)
  19. MrNudge's avatar
    Can only buy 2 at a time (edited)
    MrNudge's avatar
    I bought 5x 6mths at a time and 1mth game pass ultimate. Added and now converted to 31mths game pass ultimate
  20. dave_calver's avatar
    Will this work on Xbox s?
  21. Leo_Michael's avatar
    Thanks. Ordered
  22. Chris_WoodOy4's avatar
    This says xbox one/360, will it work with a series X or do I need a different code? Many thanks!
    mini76's avatar
    Will work
  23. shasnir's avatar
    Good price, great for converting to Ultimate Gamepass.
  24. Lawrence_Burns's avatar
    Great deal thank you
  25. DCollector's avatar
    Very tempting - still have GPU however until August so not sure if this will still work by then...:(
  26. weiran's avatar
    Shame my GP sub expires in Sept otherwise I’d be all over this!
    DCollector's avatar
    same - partly tempted in case there wont be a deal around then. But will this still work ?? Who knows...
  27. mrdibby's avatar
    When the monthly Ultimate ones are like £1 – Is this just a good deal because it's stackable and you can line up everything for months/years? Instead of putting one in every month when your subscription expires?
    Mook2000's avatar
    I did the conversion trick for about 15 months and after that I went to the monthly GPU keys from Gamevivo as you say, for around £1 each. I didn't have any trouble over nearly a year of doing that - possibly one code which I left for four months turned out to be dud. However when I've gone looking lately the cost has definitely drifted up past £2 lately and I think there may be a squeeze coming.

    Therefore I'm strongly considering doing this for a couple of years worth because it reduces the grief.

    That said, I have no time to play anything on it anyway, and all my weekly session buddies and I play from it is Grounded. It would've been nicer on all fronts to know we would love Grounded and just buy the thing, supporting the developers. I think GPU is giving me a migraine with toouch abundance anyway (I used to choose to try games that were leaving GPU soon! FOMO froth is what markets are base on)
  28. Deedee79's avatar
    Do I have to wait for my existing game pass ultimate to expire or can I add these codes to extend. 2 months lef
    DCollector's avatar
    you need to wait
  29. brodav01's avatar
    I'm from south africa and the digital site over here has the 12 month gold for about £26 (615ZAR in local currency) thanks to our terrible exchange rate for us. I can create a post with link if you guys want. (edited)
  30. Gary_Anscombe's avatar
    Will this work for series s as pic says Xbox 360?
    TheAmazingNoob's avatar
    Yes, it will work on any Xbox console as it's for your online account (which is not console specific)
  31. bandit17's avatar
    Need to wait for July but from looking around, it seems like buying a 12 month South African or Turkish Live Gold is the cheapest option
    mini76's avatar
    Trouble with that is have to use a VPN and not everyone is up for that
  32. sigman's avatar
    Not able to purchase it for some reason (WW code). Giving me the following error:
    • We are unable to confirm your payment
    • The code you are purchasing is region-restricted
    • A technical error occurred while completing the transaction

    Same error after trying 3 different cards and Paypal. Any ideas? Thanks
  33. DonnyJohn99's avatar
    Is this the one with the games you can download and play on One S. Looking for my kids (edited)
  34. ollyollyollyolly's avatar
    my last three years ended yesterday so this is great timing. bought 36 months but only letting me add 33 months today. been advised to try again tomorrow and it should accept the last three month code
  35. BarryChocolate's avatar
    Up to £7.99 now
  36. john90210's avatar
    Hope someone can help me. I have done this conversion process before about two years ago.

    My youngest son decided to get a xbox one x and I thought I would repeat the process on his console. I put in the first three months code and it asked me if I wanted to turn on recurring billing. I was then given four months instead of three.

    However after turning off recurring billing and putting the next three months code in, the option to turn on recurring billing was not there on the screen.

    No matter what I tried I could not get the recurring billing option to show.

    Would anyone know if I have messed up or is this something that xbox have restricted.

    I lost 5 month.

    jak22's avatar
    Did you get the extra month - if so then it worked - it wont give an extra month for every code you redeem. In fact many dont get an extra month this way any more anyway.

    Usually people stack all the gold they can, then start GPU which converts all the gold and at the same time turn on recurring to try for the extra month if available, and then a little later when its all working go back and turn off the recurring billing.

    The idea of stacking the gold is to get as many months of gold to convert after paying for just one month of actual GPU - the £1 offer isnt around much any more. The worst thing to do would be to add some gold, start GPU, and then add more gold after as that wont convert 1:1 - so always stack all the gold before starting GPU. (edited)
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