£3 Movie Mondays @ 02 Cineworld for Sky customers

£3 Movie Mondays @ 02 Cineworld for Sky customers

Found 23rd May 2011
£3 per person to see a film (including 3D) at the O2 Cineworld on Mondays.
You have to be a Sky customer - but doesn't have to be Sky TV or have the movies package (e.g. I only use Sky for telephone and broadband, but can use this deal).

N.B. If you do have the Sky Movies package, you get free popcorn as well!

From their site:
Every Monday at The O2 Cineworld, you can buy up to two tickets for just £3 each to see any movie you like, from the latest Hollywood blockbusters, to jaw-dropping 3D releases and everything inbetween.

There are two ways to buy your £3 movie tickets. Either print a voucher so you can buy your tickets when you arrive at The O2, or book in advance below. Your voucher or booking will be valid for the following Monday.


sounds like a really good deal! too bad i'm not a SKY customer. Anyone who don't want their voucher, could you send it to me please ?

Just at the O2, that's handy for everyone else!(_;)

its rubbish its only valid for the o2 cineworld london...damn it.whats the point in that .cold for me as i dont live in london.

great offer. I cancelled my Sky in March, but my friend till has their services, so 3D - PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES tonight.

thnx and heat added

Well the O2 is my local Cineworld - heat added

Nice deal if you live darn sooth......Not for real men

It's not a rubbish deal if you live in London (I don't), it's rubbish of Sky not thinking about the rest of the country.

Thanks for posting, though only found it while googling for something else. Another hot deal flying under the radar. Might take the free month of sky movies to get the free popcorn too

still valid, shouldn't be expired
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