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Exclusive 3 Pairs of Timbuktu Trail Socks (Mens & Womens) for £10 plus Free Delivery with code From Winfields

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Update 1
Unexpired - now back on offer until the end of August
This code will only work on these socks but you can add other items to your basket and get them delivered free along with the socks Delivery £3.95 Normally code HOTUKD-FREE-DEL we have worked with Winfields to bring you this code.

Fusing comfort, cushioning and breathability the Trail Socks from Timbuktu are a must-have for anyone on the go in the outdoors. A Coolmax fabric construction ensures unparalleled moisture-wicking and breathable properties, perfect for trail runners, ramblers and mountain bikers. Strategically cushioned zones promote day-long comfort and help prevent foot fatigue.

Material52% Polyester (Coolmax®) 27% Wool / 20% Polyamide / 1% LycraBreathableYes using Coolmax fabric technology

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  1. JLilley's avatar
    Code doesn’t work for Northern Ireland unfortunately - £9.99 delivery.
  2. JMS10000's avatar
    Order placed for 6 socks. If these are genuine discounts rather than the Sports Direct imaginary starting price discounts then these look like an awesome deal.
    JMS10000's avatar
    Just taken delivery of the socks. Free delivery, received the very next day, probably the best delivery of an online order I've ever experienced. The confirmation email after placing the order said that free orders would probably be delivered at the later part of recommended times, so possibly 8 days but I received the socks the day after ordering them. This is probably because they have set up this promo and are going the extra mile to impress. Going to go out in a bit for a few miles in the socks and report on the product. Hopefully the socks are as good as the servive has been.
  3. evilzippy's avatar
    Anyone know what these are like for hiking in?
  4. moelygaer1's avatar
    Pi have bought and used Timbuktu brand in the states, very good quality
  5. jonahj's avatar
    Thank you for posting
    HellriderUKDeals69's avatar
    Nobody knows, only 3 reviews. Seems like a HUKD promo.
  6. exit_music's avatar
    i bought these, they felt a little thin and cheap IMO. I returned them and will find something with a higher merino content @Downunder . That said it may suit some for spring/autumn use and they are a good amount cheaper than quality brands (edited)
  7. Killercol007's avatar
    good price thanks for posting
  8. villan57's avatar
    I wondered what had happened to Barretts of Feckenham, now called Winfields
    YouCannotWin2003's avatar
    My Dad was the MD there for 25 years - sold when the owner got into tax trouble (lived in Spain). They tried to management buy out but sadly fell through
  9. mancmackem's avatar
    Bought for winter, thanks
  10. Judd1200's avatar
    I've tried most brands of hiking socks from Bridgedale to PhD. These are a decent brand, Summer hiking sock aimed at keeping your feet cool and dry. I wouldn't use merino wool socks personally in the Summer as unless the wool is very thin the heat properties would defeat the point. However, that's just my preference. For the price they are a steal... I got 6 pairs. For £20 I'd normally only get one pair or in the very expensive cases one sock! (edited)
    Jennyob1's avatar
    Ah, that would explain the LIMP
  11. PhilthyPhil's avatar
    Thanks, ordered 3 to try.
    Didn't winfield used to be a woolworths brand? Showing my age here...
  12. Judd1200's avatar
    I had the same problem with Endurance socks. However, I have warmer than average feet. Others might not. These at 52% Polyester (Coolmax®) 27% Wool / 20% Polyamide / 1% Lycra these socks are a lot cooler. Hope they work for you. Mine are great!
  13. OGNinjaDon's avatar
    No idea about hiking, but I bought these recently and they are extremely soft and comfertable. Even just as everyday socks these are a good deal.
  14. mfactor's avatar
    Best socks I have used for years, proper sizing as well
  15. joegoody's avatar
    Just arrived, seem very nice. Any idea when this offer expires so I can see how they wash and order more?
    JMS10000's avatar
    "This deal expires on 31 August at 23:59"

    It's at the top of this page.
  16. claggy123's avatar
    Top socks
    Toecutter's avatar
    They are comfy. And they fit my size 11 plates o’ meat! (edited)
  17. Toecutter's avatar
    They are so comfy that I tried to buy more tonight without the deal… and hey presto, the code worked. So I’ve unexpired the deal.
  18. LeonJamesBrookes's avatar
    Reminds me of a story by Junior school teacher read to my class about Timbuktu, not relevant but I thought I would share anyway :/
  19. joseph.walker0zv's avatar
    Not sure on the quality, but last socks I bought off hduk were smartwool walking. Absolute bargain that I love however can’t justify the £15 or so a pair cost (think I paid £3-4 a pair). Have gone for 6 of these for £20 and hopefully they are as good.
  20. turkey_man's avatar
    Seems like an excellent deal.

    I prefer 1000 mile double socks for longer walks and thin Bridgedale for warmer weather/shorter walks but these seem like good value and worth a go.
  21. mfactor's avatar
    cheers 6 ordered
  22. mosschop69's avatar
    Worth a gamble at that price, cheers for posting
  23. you_gotta_be_kidding's avatar
    Farm to feet socks for me but they're about £15-£20 a pair. Tempted to try these
  24. you_gotta_be_kidding's avatar
    Gave up, website is awful to use, constantly getting 429 too many requests...
  25. StinkingQuentin's avatar
    Ordered thanks!
    I hope these are better than the aptly named £17 Danish 'Endurance' "Merino socks" (36% Nylon, 33% Acrylic, 30% Wool, 1% Elastane) because they bake my feet.
  26. VT41's avatar
    On a different note- anyone know why my socks keep disintegrating little clumps?
  27. joegoody's avatar
    Ordered, cheers
  28. pako.pako's avatar
    Any idea why the only payment option I've got is Amazon Pay, which also is inactive (grayed out)?
    trott3r's avatar
    got the same amazon pay only myself today sat.

    Dont want to sign up to another pay system (edited)
  29. lmulli's avatar
    No idea what the free delivery code does as it didn't seem to do anything as they are free delivery anyway 5-8 days, and the code didn't change that or offer faster delivery for free.
  30. Toecutter's avatar
    One size fits all? 6-11 only option, quite a big variation. Ordered for my big feet.
    joegoody's avatar
    I'm at the top end of that and they fit fine, probably would be good for a 12 too
  31. TabbyTabs's avatar
    Was about to order a few pairs, but they are one of those companies who think anywhere outside of Glasgow/Edinburgh is the 'Highlands and Islands', and wants to charge a £12 shipping fee. No thank you
  32. daniq's avatar
    Can anyone recommend a good pair of socks to use with Meindl Chukka/Bhutan MFS hiking boots in the Highlands? I bought them a few months ago and I haven't been able to find a conformable pair of socks. Last walk I ended with blisters after a few miles.

    47967482-FxBWF.jpg (edited)
    turkey_man's avatar
    Get hold of some 2 layer socks. It helps a lot if you're prone to blisters. 1000 mile are often a good choice but I've also had some Regatta ones which are good.
  33. hamsterboy's avatar
    Well, not exactly sure how much I'll use my three pyrex bowls, umpteenth power bank, umpteenth watch and Samsung mini keyboard I've all bought via hukd since yesterday, but I'm definitely sure I'll use these socks!!
  34. fern37's avatar
    Brilliant. Ordered socks and some cheap t-shirts. (edited)
  35. Themanhunt1's avatar
    Have been wearing these on hot hikes (30 degree heat) and when I cycled for 8 hours today. Zero sweat, very breathable and comfortable. Will wait and see how it lasts.
  36. rotepote's avatar
    Usual scenario, see great offer, register on supplier website, add items to basket, commence checkout and get hit with £10 delivery cost, empty basket and unsubscribe.

    Delivery shouldn't cost as much as the items, especially extremely lightweight socks.
    stec77's avatar
    @rotepote in the OP it says free delivery! Have you added the code in the OP? HTH.
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