£3 parking after 5 at Birmingham Bullring weekdays

£3 parking after 5 at Birmingham Bullring weekdays

LocalFound 6th Nov 2017
£3 parking after 5 at Birmingham Bullring weekdays

As Xmas is coming up the Bullring will stay open till 10pm very soon

This will usually cost £10 if you stay till 10pm as you would have parked for 5 hours

Plenty of restaurants will also stay open
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Parked there yesterday for 20 mins cost me £5.50 what a rip off
I think there’s cheapish parking behind colmore row
If you're willing to walk 5 minutes, you can park all day in Hurst St for £4, no limit on what time you get there.
Cold. Birmingham.

How is £3 after 5pm a deal?.

You can park in most places after 5 or 6 for absolutely nothing.
Digbeth is 5 mins away and does all day parking for 2.50
Wowser original price £7 for 2-3 hours shopping at a shopping centre car park. No wonder the internets taken off. Heat for the deal though.
I am amazed by this. I usually think of shopping centres as being free parking, Bluewater certainly is, and I'm sure Meadowhall in Rotherham and the Trafford centre are too?
normal charges:
0-2 hours: £5.50
2-3 hours: £7
3-4 hours: £8.50
4-6 hours: £10
6-8 hours: £12.50
8+ hours: £25 (wtf)

park at nearby moor street train station for less than a fiver (can't remember exactly but I think I pain £3) but it is normally packed full of cars in a poorly maintained car park - to be demolished probably in 10 years for HS2
After 6pm weekdays pay and display road parkiing is free anyway.
Free parking for Liverpool Airport and free Cling filmed by thankful local .... mirror.co.uk/new…318

Wow, pricey! You can park all day in Westfield central London for around a fiver. Not sure why Birmingham thinks it can get away with charging five times this amount - it’s Birmingham, not Abu Dhabi.

A good case for staying at home and shopping online if you ask me!
I used Coventry Street Car Park last time, 2.50 for all day. Only 0.70 for an hour if you're doing a quick pickup like i did. I'll Try Digbeth next time, it's right next door and looks more secure going by images. Didn't notice it before.
Markets Car Park and Pershore multistory are £4 all day but i've never used them. We usually end up preferring a daysaver lol.
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8 hours plus car parking at the Bullring is £25, expensive is the word.
wackojacko979716 h, 43 m ago

Parked there yesterday for 20 mins cost me £5.50 what a rip off

Exactly the same! The selfridges one? I looked on a parking app and all the parking seemed to be around 3 quid for a few hours. I was an. Hour and a half and paid a fiver! Felt ripped off as I only went for a look around, didn't even get anything!
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