3 Pay as you go Mi-fi plus Ipod touch 8gb £179.99 @ Three plus quidco
3 Pay as you go Mi-fi plus Ipod touch 8gb £179.99 @ Three plus quidco

3 Pay as you go Mi-fi plus Ipod touch 8gb £179.99 @ Three plus quidco

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As per title you get the Mi-fi dongle pay as you go as well as the ipod touch. The mi-fi by itself costs £50, so it means that the ipod touch costs you £130. Quidco should track at £12, so the total cost would be £168.


i got one of these on contract so i could use my ipod touch all the time, it was absolute rubbish, always going out of signal when you need it the most, and i was forever having to press numerous buttons to get it wifi again and connected, i am now sending it back and i am gonna buy an iphone instead, in my opinion don't wast your money.

Thing about '3' is; if nothing goes wrong or you have no problems they're '..cheap as chips...', or as some would say 'good value for money'. However, when things go wrong then you realise what they mean when they say 'you get what you pay for'.

Never Again!

I have a Three Mifi and find it alright tbh, if your on the move signal can drop but suppose any device could do the same in theroy when your in the wrong area signal wise and i will agree that its a pain to get signal back messing about with pressing and holding buttons is abit of a nightmare.

But overall i like it myself i use mine with my netbook (or my ipod touch) when working a various places i travel too or on uk breaks and its very good, apart from when having to do the getting signal back button pressing spree on odd occasion when on the move :roll:

The mi-fi can also be unlocked using DC Unlocker and you can put another SIM in their to avoid issues over 3 coverage. T-Mobile and O2 do good PAYG daily rates (£2 a day I think) and Vodafone sims with 1gb on can be purchased on Ebay for less than a tenner so if you don't mind carrying around a few sims you can increase your options re coverage.
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