3 piece Viners Stainless Steel pan set  £15

3 piece Viners Stainless Steel pan set £15

Found 6th Dec 2013
Viners Elements Collection of Stainless Steel pan set, consists of 16cm, 18cm and 20cm saucepans with glass lids. 10 year guarantee. Seems like a good deal - down from £60.
Suitable for most times of oven tops including induction. Free delivery on orders over £25. Also good prices on Knife Block and colourful Cheese Knife Set down to £5.
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I bought pans from Viners before, and then regretted it after realising the handles weren't protected from getting hot.
Good price but not worth more than £15 never worth £60
I've had my set for about 9 years now. Dropped the lids more times then I dare care to remember.
The only issue is a slight dent in the base of the largest one from when I also dropped that.

They scrub up really well, and you can use a wire pad if need be to remove baked on food. Yes baked on, they are stainless steel so you can throw them in the oven to help things along

Also, you don't have to worry about sticking a knife into the pan, as they don't have a non-stick coating that can be damaged.

If you're worried about hot handles, use a kitchen towel or oven mitt, but chances are if the handles are too hot on the stove top, you've probably used the wrong size ring for the size pan, or the flame is too high causing the heat to travel up the handle rather then into the base of the pan. Having said that, I have warmed my fingers a few times when I first got them, but quickly overcame that and wouldn't swap them for the world.

Great price IMO.

On the plus side, you don't have to worry about using metal utensils and scratching the non-stick material.
I dont think the quality of viners is the same today as it was 9 years ago, they seem to sell budget products and inflate the rrp these days. This is a good deal but what you get is a set of pans that are worth £15 not £60. If they were worth £60 then viners wouldnt be having a sale every 2 days.
Hmm, these pans have been listed before !!!
Hurrah a flamedeer!
At the moment we are giving you two UK delivery options:

Dear Customer, please note that due to high demand, your order may take a little longer than normal to arrive over the busy christmas period. Please order accordingly so we can ensure your gifts arrive on time.
I bought these yesterday as to get my spend up to £25. Voucher and deal details here:

You don't need to buy the cutlery set, just spend £25 to get the offer.

Good find, I'm sure these pans will be fine as a present for a new home owner. I use stainless steel and never have trouble with hot handles.
Good price but never worth £60
10.1% TCB too.
I bought the last set of pans. One of the kids exploded over my kitchen showering the place with glass. Complained and got nowhere so requested their quality management process as glass was clearly under pressure. Suddenly bam full refund and to keep the pots. Lids in bin and now using old lids. Agree with others quality isn't the same as it was
Were the kids ok?

One of the kids exploded over my kitchen showering the place with glass.

...What? oO

big b0y

Were the kids ok?

At least one apparently wasn't, judging from the above. oO
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Excellent typo!
Are the pots non stick?
They are living on a past reputation of quality. However where can you find a set of stainless steel pans for £15? Heat.
Induction pans for £15 - pretty good deal. Heat!
Excellent just ordered!
Are these better than tefal as i am looking to buy a saucepan set for my mum for xmas she has a expensice new cooker so looking for a gd set.... X
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Got mine today. Placed a couple of orders, used the £20 off code to bag £45 of gear for £25. A bargain for what I paid for then, but they are evidently very cheap pans. Of all the stuff I ordered (I spent about £60 between two orders, and that was using the 50‰ off code) these pans are the weakest item, which is a real shame as most of it seems to be decent quality.

My first impression is very much 'order if you're looking for some decent cheap pans'. They definitely aren't worth £30, never mind £60. If you're seeking quality and longevity then look elsewhere.
In my experience, their customer service is dreadful, they never return calls or answer e.mails. Last time I shop with them, deffo not what they used to be.
Expired now.
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