3 posters for £9.99 @ play.com

3 posters for £9.99 @ play.com

Found 30th Jul 2006
Some funky posters here in the play.com poster sale, on special offer (buy two get one free). This makes it £9.99 delivered for 3 posters. Have a browse and see what you can see!

They have The Simpsons, Pirates of the Caribbean, Doctor Who, Sin City, Star Wars, Superman, Back to the Future, Thundercats, well, loads more, too many to name here!


Nice one. Thanks

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You're welcome! I'm not going for any, as my partner insists the full-size Jessica Alba Sin City Cowgirl takes pride of place in the bedroom...

But I know there are quite a lot of students who use this site, and I know these will be a hit for them. There are actually quite a few that the kids would love as well, great for kid's rooms: like these ones:


Not forgetting to go through quidco for cashback,as small as it is.:thumbsup:

The link above leads to a page saying "We're sorry. This promotion is now closed." However, this appears to be the same offer

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Thanks for pointing that out cwernham! Links all fixed up now...!

Cheaper than wallpaper. :-D Thanks Emma.

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Cheaper than wallpaper. :-D Thanks Emma.

LOL. I don't think they would be quite as cheap as that...!

You're welcome monty!
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