3 premium brands and band t-shirts for £9.99 (lucky dip)!

3 premium brands and band t-shirts for £9.99 (lucky dip)!

Found 15th Oct 2008
Guys / Womans Giftpack - Lucky Dip (T-shirt 3 Pack)
Yes, you can believe your eyes. That's right, three great T-shirts for a tenner. Treat yourself or someone else - you'll look massively generous. T-shirts will be picked at random from a selection by premium brands and bands. Please Note: As this is such a fantastic offer, the tees are non-returnable.

Possibly get it for £8.99 if use 10% discount codes. All sizes available.

I think this is a cracking deal as one t-shirt alone is easily a tenner! However you can't choose what you want.


its obviously gonna be all the crud that they couldnt sell over the past year or so....wouldnt touch wi a bargepole..unless you wanna walk around wi mcfly and boyzone t-shirts.. lol

TERRIBLE idea wouldn;t go near the fact its a "lucky dip" and the shirts are non returnable should tell you why not to go for them.

Non-returnable? I think not. Distance selling rules mean everything is returnable.


Good in theory, but the awful truth is, I really don't wanna wear a pink Westlife T shirt, a yellow Craig David T shirt and an orange 2 Up 2 Down T shirt. Therefore, they are very expensive cleaning cloths.

LMAO..last time I went for this I ended up with 5 thrash-metal t-shirts :thumbsup:

loud clothing do a similar thing £20 for 6 with free postage
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