3 Rage Against The Machine albums for £6.99

3 Rage Against The Machine albums for £6.99

Found 5th Apr 2008Made hot 5th Apr 2008
I know the play.com sale has already been posted but this deal was too good to just leave as part of it.

You get the first S/T album, Evil Empire and The Battle of Los Angeles for £6.99 and 4% Quidco, at £2.33 per album it's pretty good in my book. The only problem was I already have them otherwise I'd be ordering in a heartbeat.


i noticed this one too as i was flicking through the Play sale items and thought it was cheap but i too have already got these albums. Ended up getting the Run DMC best of CD.

'Renegades', their covers album, is also worth getting too in my opinion. (Play have it for a fiver)

S/T is one of the greatest rock albums of all time, I listen to it now and can't believe it's 16 years old... still sounds so fresh and raw to me. They kind of tailed off after that great start but still, this is a very hot deal!

You can also get this Amazon for £6.98 if you order £15 or more for Super Saver Delivery.
Good price so voted hot. Killing In The Name of....

Good band,we already got the cds individually though.
Voted hot.
Good CD to play loud if you want to annoy a neighbour should any1 need to lol.

Quite a bargain. Got some of their stuff on 12" vinyl... wonder if it'll be worth anything yet!

Cool, they're headlining T in The Park, so I'll get these to listen to before I go.

It's been this price for a couple of weeks now I think, since easter. But, voted hot as any one who hasn't heard any of their non-single songs should purchase it...Cause it's friggin' awsome :thumbsup:

Sweet, voted Hot

:thumbsup:ooooooohhh, im new to hotukdeals... and ive just made my first purchase through it.. my fiance has really started to get into RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, but he only has their DVDS so think this will be a great wee gift for him... gotta spend my grand national winnings some how, well done... great deal... (how do you vote HOT by the way?)

I bought this last year to listen to on the plane when I went over to see them in the californian dessert... legendary

californian dessert like cheesecake or something mmm

meant desert

Rage Against the Machine, or the Machine Rages On?
Seeing these geniuses at Reading this year, Queens of the Stone Age on the same bill - what a hot ticket that got to be!

hot hot hot! bring on reading these guys r gonna be amazing!

My local Tescos has been selling this and a whole stack of other artists for ages(each one with 3 albums on) and it was also on some sort of multibuy deal like 2 for £10
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