3 Rolls of wrapping paper £1 @ The Card Factory (3 x 3m)

3 Rolls of wrapping paper £1 @ The Card Factory (3 x 3m)

Found 10th Dec 2009
Hey guys, I was in The Card Factory and found some great Christmas wrapping paper there, 3 rolls for £1. It's really good quality and looks great too. It comes in many different designs, ones with Santa, a Snowman, Rudolph and say things like "Happy Christmas" etc. =P
They also had a good deal of Christmas cards and Teddy Bears too, they've got things like 12" Rudolph teddies for £1.99 and a variety of other bears and such.
While I know this isn't the cheapest deal around the quality of this stuff is really good!
Hope you enjoy.

Edit: You can also pick up matching tags as well at Card Factory, thanks to lprangle21 for that one!
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voted hot!!! i used this last year and it is great stuff! also have lots of designs too. had 3 kids in the house last year and 4 this year and they all get their own design each. the tags to match each design are a pack of 6 for 39p too! have loads left from last year, and designs slightly changed this year, but i decided at this low price to just go for all new stuff!
OP might want to add the matching tags to your post!
OK. Thanks!
They also do 100 labels for 99p, they're really cool, although not a great deal of room on them if you're writing over 4 names, lol.
They didn't have the 100 labels in my local shop, but they had a pack of 20-odd really cute cat/dog ones. They've also got the money gift cards, 4 for 99p, and there's boxes of cards where some is donated to macmillan. They do boxes of 10 for 99p, and they're good quality sort of hand finished style. They had a box of about 40 for £1.99 and again, some profit goes to macmillan. I think it's a brilliant shop, they have so many offers on, and all the stuff is brilliant quality!

I also got from there a huge wall calendar for 99p, got 2 slim ones for 99p, a mug and coaster set for £2.99 (bone china with a pretty robin design), 3 for 99p on these calendar bookmarks. They're like a little book of bookmarks with that months calendar on. They also do soft christmas dogs/bears for 99p each, snowglobes for 99p.
Yes I am really excited about this shop so shall shut up now pmsl.
Haha, it's easy to get excited about this shop, I remember going to Clintons and buying a GENERIC Birthday card and it was like £3 or something stupid, so I went to Card Factory and never looked back, lol.
Yeah, now that you've mentioned the cards they did a pack of 30 cards for £1.99 and they're supporting MacMillan as well, they're good quality too, you got the option of 'classic' Christmas settings, or things like Santa in the sleigh etc.

(The only thing I like about Clintons is Me to You bears, they're cute, lol ((Yes, I'm a man!!)))
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