3 SIM-only 100m+3000t+1GB £10pm (£15 Quidco)

3 SIM-only 100m+3000t+1GB £10pm (£15 Quidco)

Found 18th Aug 2010
Just updated, the £10 SIM-only tariff now gives 1GB internet along with the normal 100 minutes and 3000 texts. One month contract.

SIM £10 gives you:
* 100 Minutes
* 3000 texts
* 1GB internet
* 2000 Three-to-Three minutes
* Free voicemail

Might be possible to cancel the 1GB Internet max addon so 100m+3000t for £5pm?


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It's not going to be for everyone, especially bearing in mind giffgaff already do a similar bundle* but with "unlimited" texts. No free voicemail, though.

Good price if you want 3, though, with its Skype etc.

* yeah, half price goodybags, but there's only 10 days left in August...
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Great deal....I am getting a Nokia E71 from my uncle which is locked to 3 mobile, and I was going to unlock and go to giffgaff....now no need

good deal, heat added

Just what I need. Thanks

o2 sim for same price has unlimited text and landlines

Good deal but be aware if you go over the 1gb allowance its £2 per mb !! on the sim only tarrif

I get this £10 sim deal for £7.50 as I've been with them a while :). Does anyone know if the internet allowance applies to existing customers?

good deal! Hot from me.

My contract doesn't end till next month tho


o2 sim for same price has unlimited text and landlines

But no internet.....

Excellent deal. I get great coverage with 3 in Glasgow (much better than my t-mobile signal). Signed up for this tariff instore today to move my daughter away from Tesco PAYG.

It's a good deal for parents as a quick phone call to 3 Customer Services lets you put a zero credit limit on the phone so children can't run up any costs over the monthly rental.
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