3 way HDMI Selector Box ASDA - £5

3 way HDMI Selector Box ASDA - £5

LocalFound 31st Jul 2013
was in asda saw this box at what I thought is a bargain price not sure if at other stores
: Specs as from website :-

Switchable HDMI selector - manual
Connects audio and video to HDMI compatible HD TV,LCD monitors or digital projectors
Maintains 480p,720p,1080i and 1080p video formats
Transmits digital video and audio signals through a single HDMI cable
Supports HDUP
HDMI-HDMI cables required for inputs and output
Inputs selectable via front panel buttons
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I bought this and find its great having a TV with just 3 HDMI sockets 1 for Freesat 1 for player and one free. but we have a Tablet which has a Micro HMDI a camera which has a Mini HDMI and a Laptop which has the normal HDMI so now all 3 are connect to the box and now just press the button on the box without the need to keep plugging and unplugging the socket on the TV
...pity it doesnt have remote control
Which Asda store iscom??
Sorry only just seen your comment. . . .It was asda in Enniskillen
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