3 x 6 Cumberland Sausages at Musclefood for £2.50 (min order £25)

3 x 6 Cumberland Sausages at Musclefood for £2.50 (min order £25)

Found 21st Dec 2017
This is either a glitch or they ordered way too many sausages for Christmas and cant shift them.

Pack of 6 is £3.00

Pack of 18 is £2.50!

These are great taste award 1 star winners!

Fill your boots.

Great for stuffing!
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Any venison? Can't find any here
gone, glitch fixed
teame.trevski3 m ago

gone, glitch fixed

No it's still working?
Smadmad19 m ago

No it's still working?

yep,my mistake, need to clear some freezer space
Great find. Sausages from here aren't world beaters, but for this price you can't go wrong!
I used the turkey for £10 offer received by E-mail in conjunction with this deal.
Hopefully I'll receive 108 sausages and a 3.6kg turkey for £30.98. Bargain!
Yup. Just a good all round sausage but absolutely perfect for stuffing the turkey.

I did the same. Turkey for a tenner and 360 sausages!

Guess what we are having xmas eve?
Cheers. Me boots are filled :-)
That link is taking you to the 6 pack for £2.50. 18 pack showing as £9.
yeah its about two months old mate. expired
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