3 x Colman's Cranberry Sauce 265ml - £1 @ Fulton Foods

3 x Colman's Cranberry Sauce 265ml - £1 @ Fulton Foods



Cheap, but for a very good reason. Yet another example of a big brand fouling up an old British name to boost its profits. Ingredients (mainly water, with very few cranberries):

Water, cranberries (22%), sugar, glucose fructose syrup, cranberry juice (7.9%), modified maize starch, colour (anthocyanins), flavourings, concentrated lemon juice, acid (citric acid), preservative (potassium sorbate).

Amazon reviews:

0 out of 5 starsNasty mushy gloopy sludge, with not a cranberry in sight - just 22% cranberries (with supermarket own labels using at least 47%)

7 October 2017
Not even worth one star - nasty mushy gloopy sludge, with not a cranberry in sight. Hardly surprising either - 22% cranberry content, as against at least 47% for all the supermarket own brands!

Yet another brand damaged by Unilever with its constant paring away at anything that can be cut out of a product and replaced by cheaper ingredients. This is a disgrace to the once proud Colmans name. Buy a supermarket own brand - cheaper, and infinitely better quality.

1.0 out of 5 starsAwful
26 September 2016
The most disgusting gloopy surgery sauce. Nothing like cranberry sauce it went in the bin.
Please do not buy!!! Not a reflection on The OP, there are few things l regret putting in my mouth But this ranks at the top.
Boy if l could sue for the horror of this crap, it ruined Christmas as well (l thought it`s the Ocean`s Spray Brand)
Was not popular at the mother`s in law, but this vile product cemented my position (ah well, maybe not all bad things, lol) as we are not invited for next Xmas
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