3 x free magners glasses when you buy 24 cans of magners @ makro - £21.99p + vat  (£25.84p)

3 x free magners glasses when you buy 24 cans of magners @ makro - £21.99p + vat (£25.84p)

Found 24th Aug 2007
Get 3 x free magners glasses when you buy 24 cans of magners from makro for £21.99p + vat (£25.84p)

these glasses are very sought after and fetch around £5.00 each on ebay!

as for the cider that's also very well priced @ £1.22 a pint (including vat) as it's aproaching £4.00 a pint in the pubs & clubs.

if you don't have a makro card or know anybody who does you can still quite easily obtain a card, all you have to do to get one is show 2 recent invoices over £50 with your name and address on, invoices from screwfix, jewsons to name but two would be acceptable.
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if you don't live near one of the 33 makro stores and aren't interested in the glasses, tescos are currently selling 2 x 8 cans for £16.00 (£10 for 8 cans) - marginally cheaper but you don't get the glasses!!!
Ahhh.....now i know why it's being voted cold!

£5 quid for a glass on ebay?..coo my local has stocks of them.£2.30 a pint guess theres something to say about living in the sticks afterall.
£2.30p!!! - WOW! - It's £3.80p at my local golf club!

The £5 is for a brand new boxed glass...lol.....bet you thought you were on to a winner there!?!

Don't forget to return them all tommorrow..... https://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_wink.gif
BUMP!.....was that another apple just fell off the tree!!! https://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/smilies/whistling2.gif
3 glasses is an odd amount

Nice even number!
I think these Glasses are different to the ones they use in the Pubs and Bars, apparently those are virtually unbreakable (usually the ones going for £5+ on ebay are toughened glass too) these ones are just made from normal glass or so my local landlord tells me.
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