Unfortunately, this deal is no longer available
3 years Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £73 (New Users Only - See Post)
1421° Expired

3 years Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £73 (New Users Only - See Post)

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1421° Expired
3 years Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for £73 (New Users Only - See Post)
Posted 16th Aug 2020Edited by:"gamermouse"

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Get 3 years Xbox Live gold and upgrade it to game pass ultimate for £1! £396 worth of game pass ultimate for just over £70!


There has been quite a lot of confusion (and a fair amount of mis-information) in the comments so editing to clear this up a bit.

1. Microsoft are running an offer to upgrade your any existing Xbox live gold membership time to Ultimate for £1 (plus signing up to £10.99 a month once that time expires). You can see that offer here: xbox.com/en-…ade
2. This works for up to three years worth of Xbox live gold subscription
3. You can therefore get three years of game pass ultimate for the price of getting Gold

Answering some questions in comments:
- You dont need to create a new Xbox/microsoft account to do this (I used my existing one)
- If you want to use a regional offer to get the cheapest possible Xbox live gold subscription you don't need to change the region of your account / modify your xbox/microsoft account region in any way (you just need to have your IP in that region when you add the code)
- Its possible that you can only use the £1 upgrade your subscription offer once (I dont know, this is the first time I have used it) but other people report being able to do it multiple times provided your Ultimate has expired


1. Purchase up to 3 years / 36 months of Xbox Live Gold in the cheapest way possible
2. I did this by buying a regional locked Brazillian Xbox live gold 12 month subscription codes x3. You could also just buy UK Xbox live gold 12 month subscription if you dont want to do a regional method but the saving is less (I think cost is then £120 vs £70)
3. You then need to redeem this Xbox live gold onto your Microsoft account. Assuming you are using a Brazillian code, you need a VPN to do this. I did this using a free trial of NordNPN (you can cancel without paying once done) and then entering the codes on the Xbox App on my phone. You should check that your IP is genuinely in Brazil prior to using the app to enter the code (google "where is my IP" and check). Before I used NordVPN I used a couple of other VPNs that claimed to have a Brazil server but it didnt work. Make sure that you dont take the "extra 1 month" offer for signing up to auto review because you dont want to exceed 36 months overall
4. Once you have redeemed your codes, leave the VPN and if you want check that your account has xbox live on it fine - you can do this through account.microsoft.com and checking subscriptions - it should show 3 years
5. Return to the upgrade deal side xbox.com/en-…ade and pay for the offer. You will be charged £1 now, and commit to subscribe at £10.99 a month once your gold runs out (you could always cancel before if you dont want to)
6. Check your account at account.microsoft.com and it should show Xbox Game Pass Ultimate renewing in 3 years (mine says "next charge on 8/6/2023")

You only need to be on VPN with a Brazillian IP for the step where you redeem the Brazil Xbox Live Gold codes. You are done with it once thats done and can cancel the VPN free trial (return to UK IP to pay for the upgrade deal). REMEMBER TO CANCEL YOUR VPN FREE TRIAL! (dont want to lost the Xbox savings by paying them on an unneeded VPN)

£396 worth of game pass ultimate for just over £70!

Community Updates
Guys, looks like XBL Gold Russia is the cheapest (at the time of this message) at £23.xx from Eneba (link below). Like @Strachan01 myself and my friend bought the relevant number of years needed, added to our XBOX accounts using Zenmate VPN and upgraded with the £1 Game Pass Ultimate without any issues. If the prices do jump up, check on the hour for a price drop/update. Good luck!

Link to Eneba: eneba.com/xbo…als
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