30 assorted glittery Christmas cards for £1.19 at Aldi

30 assorted glittery Christmas cards for £1.19 at Aldi

Found 6th Dec 2013
I bought these in Aldi today, thought they were a pretty good bargain. £1.19 for 30 cards, they actually look quite nice too, they're all glittery And if that wasn't good enough....Barnardos receives 50p from sale of each pack!
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look good enough to send to the assorted folk we "usually" send cards to but god knows why.... (i daren't question why - we just do!)
and also to all the others that we really don't like but are family!
Mine came up at £2.99 for the same pack
Great find. Thanks!
Lovely cards, have heat
2.99 in mine
I love Christmas time (except hearing Mr holder screaming "its Christmas !!" In every shop you walk into oO ) and love it even more when there's a good covering of snow to help it feel more festive, but I don't see the point in spending a fortune on cards that get opened once, sit on a shelf or string or whatever for a few weeks then get put in a bin (recycle bin preferably). You'd be just as well picking up the phone and saying best wishes and put your money in the bin !
Christmas is about much more than wasting money on expensive cards and wrapping paper that basically gets binned.

£1.19 for 30 cards is a good deal. Thanks for sharing. Have some heat
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Bought these yesterday, advertised as £1 but scanned at £2.99
Excellent, thanks
Good bargain, but we all need to be supporting charity Christmas cards!
The website says the charity cards are £2.99 and people say they are paying £2.99.
The link goes to a different set called "Assorted Christmas Cards" which are the ones for £1.19.
£1 in B&M
You get this for 30p at poundland
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