30 Bedding Plants for £3 (Petunias, Bizzie Lizzie, Lobelia)

30 Bedding Plants for £3 (Petunias, Bizzie Lizzie, Lobelia)

Found 31st May 2008
Was my local store yesterday and they were doing 30 plant trays (cell) of various bedding plants including Bizzie Lizzies (Impatiens)

I bought 3 lots for £9 and this more than enough to do a few hanging baskets and pots. Certainly a lot cheaper than my local garden centre and saves waiting for delivery from an online shop.
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Got all mine from Homebase a few weeks ago when they were half price. They've been flowering in my garden ever since
tesco are no garden centre, they reduce these plants daily. put in to your local tesco for a bargain.
Another permanent offer @ Tesco
I love bizzie lizzie from tesco. Every year I'm buying my garden plant from tesco it's got wonderful result.
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